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  • Bryon Harris

Zeu$B - 'Moonlight'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

“Moonlight” a trap rap ballad by Zeu$B featuring rap artist Sucha Showoff. The song features a great mix of funky rap beats with tight machine toms, a heavy synthesizer bass, and bass drums. There is also a soulful vibe to the song. Sucha Showoff and Zue$B create a great collaboration as the two rappers present different tones that compliment the track. Showoff's clear and crisp flow and Zue$B smooth and fluid flow are a perfect duo. The two artists keep you mesmerized.

The relaxed rap flow and 70's influences in the rhythm section and the use of a machine box adding an 80's influence give the song a magnificent flavor, pulling elements from the past while appealing to today's mass audiences. "Moonlight" is ushering a modern era of rap that is free to explore all influences from 70's hip-hop, trap, and modern hip-hop to produce a unique sound. The clean flow in the upbeat , giving the song a neo-trap vibe, carries you through song and never lets go of your attention. The hook is strong and catchy.

From the production, to the instrumentation to the songwriting (by Sucha Showoff, Boss Benz, Ayee Ib, Insomniak, and the Wolfpacc Team), everything melts together like butter to create hype and a soulful piece of work. Even in the music video, there’s a sick party happening as Zeu$B and Sucha Showoff their rap flow to sexually provocative lyrics.

“Baby pull up on me like a centerfold, she steps out looking lavish body dripping gold.”

“Moonlight” is a party song to move your body to. Zue$B has a funky and sleek style. Combined with boss progressives beat track, the song “Moonlight” is a killer song that gets you hyped with frisky and sexual themes. The performance and talent in the song translated to the music video gave another depth and excitement the song depicts.

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