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  • Bryon Harris

ZamTrip – “Burning Out”

ZamTrip offer listeners a perfect blend of blood-pumping heavy rock and addictive, stick-in-your-head melodies with the release of their latest single “Burning Out.” Right off the bat, the band opens the record with a high-octane introduction of gritty, distorted, heavy guitars whose intensity is brought out further by the explosive timbre of the drums and the bass as it mimics the guitars motif.

The arrangement then opens up as the guitars ease back providing more ambience holding out their chords with the pleasing effect of the tremolo. The heaviness of the arrangement makes for a pleasant juxtaposition next to the somewhat sweet, legato melodies of the vocals.

“Burning out” is all about overcoming the obstacles in your life to not allow them to hold you back from reaching your goals and dreams. This is expressed not only lyrically but through the vocal performance as well. In the verses as they sing about the things holding them back, they have a softer, more delicate timbre and as they build to the chorus, the fervor in their voice increases leading to a stellar grungy timbre that really pulls in listeners.

Fly away from the memories you gave up / and take away the pain in me. / Left me waiting down on my knees / I’m gonna get out! Never gonna back down! / I’ve got fire in my eyes. I can see the light when the sky comes crashing down.”

Recently signed to a new label, RINE Records, ZamTrip has much more to look forward to in this coming year. Fans of Rock can feel pumped up as well. “Burning Out” is an exciting single making it a great way to rock yourself into the new year. Make sure to keep up with the latest on ZamTrip by checking out the links below.

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For more information on ZamTrip, please visit their website.


About ZamTrip

For ZamTrip to say that rock and roll runs in their blood is an understatement. The band was started by the three Zampedri brothers in Wyoming. Rock Springs is a small town that generally is not known for its rock scene; but now ZamTrip has become a household name in the western I-80 corridor. Breathing new life into a scene primarily known for country cover bands; they have risen through the ranks of their local bars and now have opened for Halestorm, Thousand Foot Krutch, and have earned opening spots on Loudwire, Flaming Gorge, Brat Fest, RIND Fest and Snake River Rock festivals.

The band has two original albums; Harm and Destruction released in May of 2013 and their sophomore release titled Kings Game recorded in May of 2015 with legendary producer Tom Parham at Hit Track Recording Studios. Music videos from both records garnished over a quarter million views on YouTube. ZamTrip has a very classic rock sound with a modern twist brought through the Lzzy Hale inspired lead vocals of Samantha. She isn't your typical "rocker chick" hiding behind a corset and a backing track. Samantha can sing at a national level and has no qualms owning the stage. The Zampedri brothers have been playing together since birth so despite the bands young age you can't ask for a tighter rythm section. Signing recently with a new label (RIND Records) the band is setting their sights higher than ever.


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