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  • Bryon Harris

YEWO – 'Dream'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

YEWO symbolizes a carefree city where everyone is welcome place for those who long for freedom and want a little escape from everyday life. Turning to the vintage and retro wave that lasted through the 60s, 70s and 80s, YEWO enjoys exploring this genre's uncharted musical elements. Pairing those musical elements with modern melodies, beats and sounds, and incorporating their own thoughts and sayings is what YEWO does best. Their song "Dream" is a great way to get acquainted with their talent.

“Dream” immediately captivates listeners in an explosive opening kicking thing off with a crunchy, grooving guitar progression topped with sweet licks and backed by a killer bass line and a hard-hitting drumbeat.

Obscure, poetic lyrics are delivered through warm, saturated vocals that match the unhinged energy of the instrumental arrangement with epitomic, rock vocals that seamlessly shift from high pitched wailing to rough gritty phrases. At the peak of the records energy, he sings,

“Heaven given to me tongueless asian servants / What the hell are they doing? / They give me golden plates with headless hungry germans / I feel like there is no meaning, hey / I wake up and realize it wasn’t a dream!”

This is not cookie-cutter writing as the band takes their lyrics to the place where reality and dream state meet. There is never a dull moment as nostalgia is infused with creativity and originality; this is a band who colors outside the lines.

Allowing for some dynamic space, the energy takes a step back between section allowing for some smooth melodies from organ to creep their way into the mix, creating a truly nostalgic rock sound.

With an absolutely stellar performance from all aspects of the band, “Dream” takes listeners on a lyrically captivating and musically satisfying journey that you will want to experience again and again to absorb the ever-engaging content. Make sure to get your fix of killer rock by checking out “Dream” and other top-notch songs by YEWO.

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