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x.o. anne - 'When We’re Together (Jorge Nava Remix)'

Review Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

(Rebecca) Anne Tello, a.k.a x.o.anne is a Los Angeles based artist, songwriter and vocalist. Her voice can be heard on movie soundtracks, short films and animation in collaboration with Dreamworks and other Los Angeles based production houses. Her new single called “When We’re Together”, remixed by Mexico city DJ Jorge Nava, on Switzerland’s leading dance label Sirup

Music is a great way to get acquainted with this talented artist.

From the first seconds of “When We’re Together”, you already know that what’s about to hit your ears is a full-blown, flaming remix. This notion is complete with oscillating vocal chops, accompanied by all kinds of glistening ambiance. When x.o.anne’s vocals enter, they are smooth and satisfying. The melodies are natural and catchy in every way. Before you know it, the chorus has arrived and you are dancing around the room to the killer kick drum pulse.

Lyrically, x.o.anne takes us on a journey through the life-changing feeling of being in love with someone who opens your eyes up to a whole new world. The artist revels in the idea of rediscovering life through another’s eyes. Each phrase in the song is uplifting and joyful in nature, rejoicing the undeniable power of love.

“Circles into squares, living forever We can do anything We’ll bend the rules, turn salt into metal We can do anything.”

Close your eyes, and x.o.anne will make you feel hopelessly in love, if not with someone else, then with the beautiful music. Jorge Nava has done a fantastic job bringing the heart-pounding, chill-inducing feelings of new love to life in his clean, complex remix. “When We’re Together” is one of those songs that will never fail to cheer you up on a dark day.


About x.o. anne

x.o. anne released a self-titled E.P. “Anne Tello” on her own label Concrete Goddess Productions in 2015. Tello has written music for various internationally televised commercials for brands such as Kewpie and SoftBank, and worked as songwriter all over the world, and was recently selected as one of 16 guest artists/ writers for the premiere writing camp at the Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2019.

New releases are planned in 2020 in conjunction with the UK label Perfect Havoc, and with Rec Play (BMG). Tello has also worked to create visual material with Hong Kong filmmaker Mo Lai Yan Chi to make her “Think Different” music video, which was presented as a video installation at Raleigh North Carolina’s Visual Arts Center in 2016.

Tello has been developing her musical talents since early childhood. Born in Palo Alto, CA, she began studying classical Suzuki piano when she was 4 and started working as a professional musician in her teens, singing in local Boston area synagogues. She later moved to New York City to study musical theater at the New York University Tisch School of Arts CAP21 program, where she received the prestigious Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship. Tello has performed in venues all over the country, from the Bowery Electric, to the Whiskey a Go Go, to the Standard Hotel, and many more.


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