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Wild Horses - "Eleanor Rigby"

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Wild Horses is the joining of a musical force; singer Joelle Platt, known as a stellar performer and communicator, with a voice that resonates deeply, profoundly, and hauntingly. Citing inspiration and influence by artists like Joni Mitchell and Chris Cornell, Joelle was determined to carve a significant and noteworthy path, and she has; from writing a rock album with John Alcock (Joan Jett, The Who, Thin Lizzy), to collaborating with famed musician Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins), Joelle ultimately made her way to Nashville, and caught the attention of 5 time Grammy nominated and 26 time Dove nominated producer Billy Smiley (WhiteHeart). An instant dream came out of that audition for a musical she applied for, and Joelle formed Wild Horses as an outlet to revive the beauty and energy of rock music, with a modern edge, and the dreamy melodic music she grew up on. Her first single, the Beatles classic, "Eleanor Rigby", will take your breath away and connect you to this song's emotions on a whole new level. Joelle's raspy and powerful vocals introduce the hook as the electric guitar adds a radical twist. Joelle's edgy style elevates the song's lonely and desperate emotions while Billy Smiley's intense string production keeps the original baroque instrumentation, but adds a modern and heavier pop-rock style that is simply electrifying.

As the song moves forward, so does the intensity. There is so much for the ear in this arrangement, from the exciting orchestration to moments of psychedelic rock intertwined with Joelle's vocalese. This arrangement keeps your ears locked in from start to finish. The song ends on an extraordinary note with outstanding vocal layering.

Paul McCartney’s “Eleanor Rigby” is about loneliness and depression. Joelle sings with a wide range of emotion from tenderness to fierceness keeping the integrity and thought-provoking intention of the lyrics while also incorporating a more free-spirited vocal performance.

“All the lonely people Where do they all come from? All the lonely people Where do they all belong?”

Wild Horses is an exceptional artist who takes risks. Her haunting cover of “Eleanor Rigby" stands-out with a free-spirited and energetic style that commands the room. Wild Horses has a brilliant and fearless approach that will take her very far.

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