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  • Bryon Harris

Whiskeyman - “Colorblind”

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Colorblind” is a soulful song with an uplifting sound and poignant message. A driving rhythm section and searing guitars provide an earthy quality to the music while sustained keyboard pads give the music a heavenly, ethereal feeling.

With Whiskeyman’s vocals, raw and powerful, the song is delivered with energy and conviction. Wonderful instrumental and vocal layering allow the song to build in intensity from beginning to end. The bold lyrical message is supported by the high energy musical accompaniment.

Lyrically, “Colorblind” is a perspective on tolerance and universal humanity. Whiskeyman uses his soulful vocals to paint the picture of an old man who connects with all human beings, regardless of creed. “The morning news said violence and hate crimes on the rise, I saw 50 years of sadness, burning in his eyes, Oh man old friend what can I do to change this world of mine? He just took my hand and said my son, one heart at a time.” The intensity of the music brings these lyrics to life. “Old man you’re so helpful, And you are so kind.” Whiskeyman’s vocals shine on this track.

The arrangement of “Colorblind” is phenomenal. The rhythm section expertly provides an energetic bed over which the vocals can soar. Well-conceived and well-executed, electric guitar melodies blend seamlessly with keyboard pads to elevate the music. Inspired guitar lines and drum fills add excitement to the music. Intricate back-up vocals support the melody and add depth to the song. Written by Whiskeyman and Per Kjeller, “Colorblind” is an engaging, feel-good song with a benevolent message that will move listeners..."one heart at a time."


About Whiskeyman

He sings about the truth that men face, when they find themselves alone with their demons in the dark, sometimes sipping the head and shoulders off a smooth bottle with a slow burn.

Raised on Springsteen and Johnny Cash, his whiskey soaked baritone voice wraps around your heart in a dark embrace. He sings his life's tales about love lost, truths found and the redemption that all men seek in their souls when finally facing that guy in the mirror.

After touring the U.S. fronting rock bands for 2 decades, he returns to his roots of acoustic based rock. This move back into who he was in his heart at the start of his songwriting, included leaving the grind of Los Angeles after 25 years and moving to Mooresville NC. Living on Lake Norman, the music and words flowed out and along with the wonderful welcome and hospitality of people here in the south, the album and photo shoot all came together.

For more information on Whiskeyman, please visit his website.


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