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  • Bryon Harris

Whiskey’s Alibi - 'Goodbye'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

On a cold, late Autumn night, when all the birds, leaves, and easier times have faded, one is left to silent thoughts and lonely reflection. This is the mood perfectly evoked in “Goodbye” by Whiskey’s Alibi.

A gentle guitar opens, providing wistful, moody textures to set the tone of the song. A tender voice enters, rich with a story to tell. Whiskey’s Alibi employs a masterful use of vocal harmony throughout the song, which allows “Goodbye” to simply drip with emotion. Meanwhile, every musical element seems to take its time, allowing the listener to savor every moment and fully digest the heartfelt message the song has to offer.

“Goodbye” is written about tragic heartbreak, and touches on experiences the artists have with separation. There is no inherent conclusion to the song as a whole. Every verse seems to start and end with a question and only the word ‘Goodbye’ can create any hint of resolve. In this way, the listener is left feeling the lack of resolve as verse after verse washes over them like ocean waves.

“What do you say when you said all you can / And nothing ever seems to change? / And what you say with a heart in your hands / Knowing that nothing on this earth can make you stay?”

Crossing the boundaries of traditional genres, “Goodbye” strikes a chord in every listener in more ways than just one. Songs this rich in emotion and evident of personal pain don’t come around very often. We must all take time to enjoy the depth and humanity found in the work of Whiskey’s Alibi as they embark on their journey to the top.


About Whiskey's Alibi

Nonconformist County/Rock... When was the last time you heard a band sound like Merle Haggard and 2 Pac? When was the last time you saw a Wyoming cowboy sing like Chris LeDoux and then toss his hat backwards and get the house pumpin' with a little Gin and Juice? Whiskey's Alibi represents your music playlist. A uniquely representation of the soul and strength of the past and the rock you to your socks sounds of today. WA is an impressive blend of country/rock with a little pop culture naughty and unexpectedness to boot,that you would be crazy to miss!

Radio stations around Wyoming and Colorado have featured the band for their single ‘Wyoming Home.' A tribute to the state, to being home, and because of the song's rain on the rooftop feel. It is comfort to your soul. Other great songs being featured are 'Neon Stage', 'Preacher's Daughter,' 'Another song,' and 'The Storm.'

For more information on Whiskey's Alibi, please visit their website.


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