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Whiskey Man - 'Let’s Just Spread I Love You.'

Review by April Kranz & Staff

Whiskey Man is a one man show who sings from the heart. After facing hardships from a very early age, a boy named Dave picked up a guitar with the blessing of his father and began to write what he’d felt and seen. In the year 2022, Whiskey Man has toured in and outside of the U.S. 30 times, has written 1,000 songs, and has found a niche in the synchronization world with 727 signed film/tv compositions. That boy named Dave found a home for himself in good ol’ fashioned rock’n’roll, and today we’re diving into his newest power ballad "Let’s Just Spread I Love You." The song was co-written, produced and mixed by Per Kjeller. We open to duetting vocals chanting the song’s message and motif, followed by our heartfelt guitar and strings. Right off the bat we’re introduced to the chorus, one that’s toned down but just as sentimental as the others. The drums chime in as we enter our first verse, with Whiskey Man and his endearing down-to-earth vocals encourages everyone to do their part and spread kindness, acceptance, and of course: love!

We go through a chorus, another verse, a chorus, and a bridge; we hear everything soften at this point with an intimate message of unity and peace being called upon before we blast into the final chorus. You’ll be tapping your feet and hugging your neighbor by the end of this joyful anthem. Let’s all spread ‘I Love You’ across the land Spread love everywhere, spread it anyway we can Let’s all spread ‘I Love You’ across the land” Whiskey Man accomplishes everything that boy named Dave set out to do; he sings what’s felt in his soul, and he does it with a gentleness that is powerful and his message is healing and uniting. Whiskey Man is a simple man, a man with a plan to join the world hand in hand, spreading love across the land, and he’s made a fan! Website Facebook


About Whiskey Man "I was born on a cold winters day, my mother dying when I was very young. For years I stumbled through life trying to understand why I felt as I did, untethered and a drifter. His father and I stayed very close, and one day he put a guitar in my hand. He said "write about what ya feel son" That was 40 years ago. I have since toured the U.S over 30 times and 4 countries, playing songs of truth, redemption, loss, pain & gain, mixing in some artists songs that inspired me. My catalog has over 1000 songs in it, 727 of them signed to publishers and I have enjoyed 1000's of TV/ Film placements. I find wonder in meeting new people, especially young people who tell me, when they hear me sing and tell my stories they hear "decades of wisdom in my truths". I gather from their words, I am doing what I was intended to do here on this earth. Still doing it, 40 years strong and still going. " - Whiskey Man


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