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  • Bryon Harris

Whiskey Alibi - 'The Storm'

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

What struck me immediately as I took “The Storm” by Whiskey’s Alibi for a ride was the song’s main theme that kicks things off which is in B minor. Considering this is a Country Rock hybrid of a band (to my ear at least) this isn’t what I normally hear within the genre. This is a refreshing key to my ear.

As I listened, I immediately got the feeling of being on a highway with clouds on the horizon. Even without a lead vocal to propel it, it draws you in. To my surprise however, the chorus shifts from B minor to its relative major key of D. This serves as an excellent use of musical prosody as the inspiration draws from the concept of “Coming through a breakup and realizing that you have a new life.” As mentioned by the band. The metaphor in this instance being the storm which represents the dark times you’ve gone through to find yourself looking up at clear skies again. This shift from B minor to D major illustrates this narrative beautifully.

Narrative aside, the band itself is impressively tight. The rhythm section consisting of Edwin Shell (Bass) and Chris Coonts (Drums) are 100% dialed in as warm bass lines and precise yet fluid drumming lock in together to create a solid foundation. This allows lead guitarist Jason McMilan to build upon this groundwork and add his more than apparent heavy rock sensibilities. His dirty distorted power chords are decorated with pentatonic licks full of creamy tone that conjure up a heavy brooding vibe.

This combination of elements lends a unique flavor to the track and provides a nice contrast to the more countryfied stylings of Jason Coonts. The frontman whose rich expressive baritone and rhythmic acoustic strumming brings to mind artists like Blake Shelton.

In short, if professionally written and executed countrified rock with rich emotional overtones is your bag, then you must check out Whiskey Alibi.

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About Whiskey Alibi Nonconformist County/Rock... When was the last time you heard a band sound like Merle Haggard and 2 Pac? When was the last time you saw a Wyoming cowboy sing like Chris LeDoux and then toss his hat backwards and get the house pumpin with a little Gin and Juice? Whiskey's Alibi represents your music playlist. A uniquely representation of the soul and strength of the past and the rock you to your socks sounds of today. WA is an impressive blend of country/rock with a little pop culture naughty and unexpectedness to boot, that you would be crazy to miss! Whiskey's Alibi has not only given the heartbeat back to Midwestern Country Music, where the sound is strong, rough, proud, and everlasting, just like its the people, but have set themselves apart from the most Midwestern groups because their fans, of all generations from California to Japan, fell in love with their ability and willingness to surpass the mainstream need to represent just one sound. They can bring you Mr. Chris Stampleton and Sublime.

Radio stations around Wyoming and Colorado have featured the band for their single ‘Wyoming Home.' A tribute to the state, to being home, and because of the song,s rain on the rooftop feel. It is comfort to your soul. Other great songs being featured are 'Neon Stage', 'Preacher's Daughter,' 'Another song,' and 'The Storm'. Check out the tour dates to see when you can experience what so many others crave in today's music! ”

For more information on Whiskey Alibi, please visit their website.


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