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  • Bryon Harris

Water From Fire - 'Home'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Water From Fire is a collective of worship leaders and musicians from Charlotte, NC. Their music toes the line between Christian and secular by touching on elements of faith within the setting of today's unpredictable world. Their live show ranges from ear splitting energy to pin drop quiet while always staying focused on an honest vocal delivery with rich harmonies. Water From Fire recorded their debut album at The Stereo in Charlotte, NC. which came out in April 2020. Their song "Home" is featured on National Indie Radio's Global Citizen Benefit Show and it's a great way to get acquainted with the band's music and message.

An eerie ambiance begins “Home”, like ears ringing after an explosion. Gradually, the mix builds and sees to the entrance of steady bass, powerful guitar ostinatos, and dynamic drums. The two lead vocalists both infuse an awesome amount of passion and purpose into every word and phrase, and don’t stop building tension and power until the song has run its course.

The message of “Home” is resounding and strong. Water From Fire understand the inner turmoil experienced by veterans, and create a universally comprehensible window for every listener to understand what it is that our warriors really go through. “Home” in essence is about courage, recognition, and unity.

“When it seems you’re stuck in a war that you can’t win.

All of the memories and all of the times

Are buried inside you, they’re not left behind…

You were not meant to carry this weight on your own.

You can call on me and I’ll carry you home.”

Water from Fire have used their artistic voices to the highest potential by creating a moving message about an important world issue. Not only that, the band has poured every ounce of expression and passion imaginable into their work in order to convey their words in the most powerful manor.

Through their gorgeous music and relentless advocation, Water From Fire leave one’s ear with an undeniable sense of one thing: we’re all in this together.

For more information on Water from Fire, please visit their website.


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