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VThatGuy - "She's Got It Real Bad"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“She’s Got It Real Bad” is a banger with a Zen quality and a quiet intensity. Punchy drums and a chilled-out bass line establish a solid rhythm over which Vthatguy can deliver smooth vocal lines. Stabby synth melodies punctuate the music with an engaging musical hook while percussion and sound effects add immense flavor. The vibe of this song is cool and understated, with modern, subversive quality.

Lyrically, “She’s Got It Real Bad” paints a vivid image of an addict’s journey.

“Grew up on a block that was hot, Trust no one, not even the cops, Saw her cousin out front selling rock, Never thought she’d be up in his spot.”

Vthatguy uses a matter-of-fact delivery to tell the story with compassion and pragmatism.

“Once taken there’s no comin’ back, Said the brother in the baseball cap, Now little mommy caught in the grip, Out on the block doing tricks.”

These lyrics give a beautiful voice to a dark and painful life experience.

The arrangement of “She’s got it real bad” is highly effective. Production values are dialed in to make everything sound hyper-present and punchy in this song. An unexpected bridge with intricate chords and a vintage guitar sound adds depth to the music. Vthatguy delivers a killer performance with melodies that float perfectly over the music. “She’s got it real bad” is a tight song with a ton of musical flair and an engaging and important message.


About VThatGuy

Vthatguy has been writing music and playing instruments for as long as he can remember. He started out playing drums in 4th grad, then played sax in 5th and 6th grade, and guitar in 7th grade. VthatGuy graduated from Teaneck Highschool and received a B.A. in Music from William Paterson University.

Over the years, he has played in garage bands, local talent shows, and venues. For as long as he can remember, he has always had his own small home studio for writing and recording his original songs.

For more information, please visit Vthatguy's website.

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