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  • Bryon Harris

Voodoo Kings - "It's Alright"

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

The Voodoo Kings “It’s Alright” is a heavy-hearted ballad from their project Mileage. With a quick pick-up from Larry Beers on drums, arpeggiated electric guitar blended with rhythmic picking of an acoustic guitar fill the sound bed supported by crisp, melodic accents on piano, and a steady, warm bass line to bring everything together. The arrangement sets a somewhat somber mood, and this timbre is only amplified with the entrance of front-man Michael Kranicke’s emotive vocals. As he begins to tell his story, you can hear the heartbreak through his love-weathered vocals as he sings,

“Mary sits down on my lap again / she tells me how she knows, sheʼs so infamous / I try to get lost, I try to play along, but the radio is burning and it's / all my favorite songs…”

Listeners will feel their heart sink as the Voodoo Kings make it hard not to empathize with this feeling of falling out of love that is portrayed not only through the lyrics, but the timbre of the arrangement and the vocal performance delivered by Michael.

While the verses capture the more saddening feeling of unrequited love, the record also makes the point to show that getting these feelings off of your chest can also provide a feeling of relief that you’re not trying to fake it anymore with a somewhat positive ending to the chorus singing,

“you donʼt look at me like you used to do / well all my smiles seem wasted tonight / with a broken heart and baby now it’s all right”

“It’s Alright” is a testament to the fine songwriting of the Voodoo Kings as it keeps listeners enthralled and emotionally invested from start to finish. With a pristine, stripped-down sound, Voodoo Kings deliver a classic, authentic sound that any rocker will love.

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About Voodoo Kings

One of the last of the analog kids, Michael Kranicke founder of the VOODOO KINGS, grew up when listening to music meant vinyl or the radio; feeding on rock n roll and blues that had harmony and melody, honing songwriting skills and leading bands as he learned guitar. Breathing this music with hundreds of shows, the VOODOO KINGS have experienced many wonderful moments, applause, laughter, smiles, and critical praise.

“Its all about the song and stripping down the music and getting down to rock n roll.” says Michael.

With the newest release Faith & Whiskey, the VOODOO KINGS demonstrate their unique take on the consummate rock n roll song. From the Beatles-esque opener of “Eyes on You” to the roots laden sound of “Lonely Street”, the band demonstrates their effective blend of rock Americana.

The VOODOO KINGS, with their guitar driven lineup and sustained by their uncompromising passion for the song, the first chord, the girls, and for the rush, invite you on their musical journey. Come join the adventure.

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