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Violet & The Sun - Music Review

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

A retrospective piano calms every nerve in your body as backing vocals hint at what’s to come in the self-titled single, “Violet and the Sun.” A warm cello enters the mix, and lead singer April White unloads her rich, powerful voice.

From its first moments, the song carries an air of mystery and intrigue, but ultimately hits the heart as a love song that showcases the artist’s fierce passion and spirit.

The absolute highlight of this piece of music is the chorus, complete with strings and emotional backing vocals, which serve to create a feeling of grandeur and supplement White’s powerful vocal delivery.

The song’s lyrics have clearly been created by someone who is in touch with the world around them. April White uses lots of vivid, imaginative imagery to compose her words, creating a brilliant picture for the listener to enjoy. These creative tools aid immensely showcasing what it means to carry powerful, agonizing love for another person.

“I'll wait for forever For stars to rejoin For earth to meet heaven For light to sound notes”

“Violet and the Sun” is a masterpiece, formed with pure creativity and imagination. It takes true vision to come up with a song like this, and true musical mastery to execute each component. If “Violet and the Sun” says anything about Violet and the Sun, it’s that they are a band with limitless ideas and the skills to make their big ideas reality.

For more information, please visit Violet & The Sun's website. To purchase or stream the album, visit Hear Now.


About Violet & The Sun

April White is a bandleader, singer-songwriter, piano player and producer-engineer. In private moments of playing the piano and singing, White creates intimate music to express her experiences and emotions. As if writing a journal of self-discovery and spirit revival, her inner life is brought to the foreground in her eponymous album, Violet and the Sun. White’s previous work included collaborations with MING, Tricky's vocalist Costanza and Jon "Hobotech" Margulies as a member of the band Tiny Machines. Violet & The Sun is her first solo project which reflects her growth as a person and a musician.

After living in NYC and Los Angeles, White moved to a wild and remote acreage near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon with her beloved dogs, cat and Nigerian dwarf goats. Her new home provides her with an endless source of joy and wonder. The miles of uninterrupted pinyon pines by day and countless stars by night give White a sense of interconnection in the universe which is intimately reflected in her music.


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