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Vickie Davies - 'Essence of You'

Review By Reagan March & Staff

Vickie Davies’, “Essence of You” truly captures the timeless essence of love. The classic soulful piano sets up the musical vibe right at the beginning of the song. Her R&B feel is very evident in the soothing tempo of the song. Powerful backing vocals, and their strategic placing, adds great harmony to various places of the piece.

Vickie’s soulful voice thrives throughout “Essence of You” as her vocal nuances are very well executed. The clear tone of her voice allows the listener great satisfaction as the flow of the song is never interrupted.

The message exhibited through “Essence of You” is one exemplifying the hardships of relationships, no matter what kind they may be. While passing through life, we meet several important people that may not stay in our lives for the long run, but we still love them despite their disappearance. The lyrics, The way your stubble brushed against my skin. The way your hands creased my skin. I love the essence of you”, exhibits how painful the loss of a relationship with someone can be and how the memory of that love, and the love you feel, may always be a part of you. This is a theme that touches on the core of humanity. Love is a bond.

What truly makes this piece have its natural and inevitable flow is the constant build up to major parts in the song such as the bridge and what follows. The crescendos and decrescendos of the instrumental display great musicianship. A listen to “Essence of You” shines a light on Vickie Davies's talent and a new name you will want on your soul music playlist.

About Vickie Davies

Vickie Davies is a Singer-Songwriter and musician for Southern California; she is a vocalist and keyboardist. Her main style of music is RnB and soul. She loves how music brings color and life to the world. Her inspiration comes from her personal experiences and the people around her. Vickie is an innovative and extraordinary musician. She worked as a background vocals for five years. Vickie is a new artist and wants to create music that resonates with people on a spiritual level. Her focus in life is to keep life in music and keep music in our lives because music has blessed her an so many ways.

For more information on Vickie Davies, please visit her website.


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