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  • Bryon Harris

Undecided Future - 'A Donde Vas'

"A Donde Vas" translated means "Where are you going?" In this upbeat, fun jam, the song opens up with a pop Island sound - some hand drums, keys, a bit of guitar. Boasting a groovy syncopation, "A Donde Vas" has a dance-along, hot summer day with a cool breeze vibe. The sound is an island cocktail of pop, funk, and R & B. The cherry on the top is the vocals of Matt Issac.

Matt enters singing with a vocal talent that will surprise you. He showcases a falsetto tenor talent reminiscent of Prince and Michael Jackson bringing a strong R & B flavor to the band.

"Squeezing like we’re lemonade sugar/Lifted kiss you’re lips I taste your even sweeter/ You’re even sweeter"

The extraordinary musicianship on "A Donde Vas" is performed by Cole Fredrick ( guitar and vocals); Nick Stone ( keys and vocals); Matisse Pasillas ( drums and vocals); and Hayden Lyskoski (bass). Spanish guitar flourishes throughout the song are impressive. A rap section with vocal effects adds a contemporary touch. The rhythm section showcases in-the-pocket smooth bass lines and fab percussion that keeps the band tight.

It's decided - Undecided Future has a future in the music industry as they pave their path with a unique sound, creative musicianship and songs that are mad good.


About Undecided Future:

Undecided Future is a creative funk-driven pop band. Their sound and eccentric visuals continue to attract new fans and music industry makers. Their big breakout came with an appearance on Ryan Seacrest’s new Youtube Original, Best.Cover.Ever. where they were chosen to perform with Jason Derulo.

Their self-titled album, “JUGO,” showcases their progression from a young high-school band to a polished, top act. In “Jugo,” the group of multi-talented So- Cal beach city guys (all young, twenty-something year old) display their mature songwriting, deep pocket rhythm and impressive falsetto vocal acrobatics from front man Matt Isaac.

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For more information on Undecided, please visit Undecided Future's website.

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