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  • Bryon Harris

u-sayn Featuring Faye Davison - 'Forgive Me'

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

“Forgive Me” opens with luscious grooves from the very start. The percussion pops, the harmony is on point, and instantly you have everything you could have wanted in a song. Within seconds, u-sayn’s masterpiece will have you breathing deeply, with eyes closed, feeling the beat with your whole body.

Faye Davison’s voice is angelic and silky, gliding on top of every chord naturally and intelligently, like a sparrow on a summer’s breeze. This jazzy song’s vibrant solos only add to the spice of this warm, passionate hit.

The artist paints a brilliant image of a lover’s quest for forgiveness. Every line and phrase weaves together like magic, as u-sayn’s lyrics burst through the mix into your heart. Nothing feels awkward or obtuse, but as natural and inevitable as love itself.

“Words unsaid, things undone It‘s been so cold since you are gone, babe. I would say forgive me, but you’re out of my reach. I’m a leaf in a storm.”

If this is an apology, then u-sayn could get away with murder. “Forgive Me” will reach out from the radio and pull you into a world where you can revel in infinite musical colors and emotions, seducing your senses in the process. Listen to “Forgive Me” and witness a talented artist's musical prowess and emotional mastery.

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About U-Sayn

U-Sayn is a multi talented musician who is currently based in Switzerland. As a producer, songwriter, and composer, he creates an extremely unique sound, with wide ranging influences including R&B, soul, pop, jazz, and funk. Taking his favorite elements of each genre, he synthesizes them all into a sound that only he can make. As a young student, U-Sayn’s first instrument was the piano. He immediately fell in love with the instrument, and dedicated himself to mastering it. Jazz was his specialty.

The passion, expression, and freedom of the genre became a part of his musical DNA. Consumed by creativity, he then turned his attention towards songwriting. Branching out into every different style of pop music, he let all his new influences flow into into an exciting and unique new sound. Now as his professional career begins to blossom, U-Sayn is committed to creating music that feels true to himself, and can also connect with a wide audience. With his inspirational abilities, he is poised to reach listeners all around the world.

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