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Tyson Ray Borsboom - 'Run'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Album Art : Amy Dalton. Album Design:Joe Molina

Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, Canadian singer/songwriter Tyson Ray Borsboom writes songs about the complexities of love and life. After spending several years honing his craft, Tyson teamed up with producer and engineer Kyle Prusky of Apex Audio to release his first EP ‘Sinner’ (2018). The seven track EP received critical acclaim for it's expressive palette. The following year, Tyson Ray expanded into a full band sound as he recorded a full length album backed by some of the most accomplished players in Canada. Off the album Will, the single "Run" will touch your soul.

Before the first verse of "Run", the acoustic guitar sets the rhythm as the drums and fully expressive vocals follow along. Set to a blues progression, Tyson's voice showcases a full range of emotions and dynamics from soft and tender to rugged and soulful. The rhythm section stays clean in it's pocket supporting the memorable melodies. There’s a haunting electric guitar in the background as the lead vocals and soft, ghostly background vocals move along. From the start, "Run" is deeply moving.

There’s a subtle drop after the bridge, reducing the song to only the drums, acoustic guitar, and lead vocals. The drums come back in kicking, and the song closes with a tasteful, well-executed guitar solo. The performance is powerful. The stellar lineup of musicians who support Tyson Ray include: Brock Boot, drummer; Eric West, background vocals, electric guitar and backup vocals; Kevin Giron, background vocals; and Megan Brown on violin and background vocals.

We sometimes find ourselves lost, and feel like we have no direction in a relationship. “Run” describes a choice. One can "run" from a relationship or stay. The song describes being in emotional limbo. The lyrics are about two people who seem to want the same things, but something is off. Sometimes you decide to stay or flee an uphill battle.

“Forget when we were, Forget who we are, And just run, Cause if I trust, I could wait the time, and it’ll end off, it would end up alright.”

Should you stay to fight or should you leave? It is in the staying that we grow closer, yet it takes trust. “Run” emulates this struggle clearly in the lyrics, the angst heard in the vocals, and the instrumentation with all components building slowly for a distinct build-up to each verse. At the end of “Run,” there’s a soulful guitar solo along with an echo-ambient effect in the electric guitar adds a hollow and haunting sound. The production on this song was well executed in the full mix and master by Matthew Rederburg, Eric West, Tyson Ray, and Ryan Morey.

Tyson Ray Borsboom is a talented and passionate songwriter who is able to convey raw and genuine emotion through his lyrics and musical arrangement. He captures the small corners of the heart, dusts of the cobwebs, and looks at the feelings underneath with an undeniable authenticity. This real and honest approach is what draws fans to his music and makes his songs easy to relate to and fall in love with.

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