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TXRRXLL – Menace

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Based out of Toronto, ON, TXRRXLL is a rapper who presents a unique sound, style, and flow. TXRRXLL has had music flowing through his veins since a young age. It all started when he discovered Curt Cobain's journal style writing, and her realized that music could be an outlet for his life experiences. Inspired by artists like J. Cole and Drake, TXRRXLL is on the rise. Today, two of his latest singles, "Trippin'" and now "Menace" are gaining recognition and drawing fans on platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud. His single "Menace" is a good way to get acquainted with his talent.

“Menace” by TXRRXLL starts things off with a plucky string lead with ambient haunting vocal effects dancing in the background. This transitions into a chopped, glitchy beat with light hip hop percussion and punchy sub bass for that modern trap sound that you’ll want to bump on your speakers.

TXRRXLL takes on a lightly melodic flow bolstered by wavy affects that depth to the open arrangement as he raps,

97 till now / The menace is back / The menace is back / Parked a 911 up down in the clouds I’m sending a stack / Im sending a stack / Ops stopping well we ending attacks / They all on my tracks / They Thinking I lack So play that shit back the menace is back.”

Menace is a song about the internal and external issues that artists and others have to deal with. TRRXLL hits it on both a personal and political level. From dealing with haters to threats that are a part of society, the song expresses his frustration and anger in dealing with the problematic issues. "They all on my tracks /They Thinking I lack / So play that shit back / the menace is back.," and "With the rafe n the cape / Come grab the yellow tape /Cause No one is safe.

TXRRXLL's hypnotic vocals will entrance you, ebbing and flowing with the beat as he switches between the song's elegant melodic pre-chorus and trance trap beat. His airy timbre is echoed by whispered adlibs that ambient-infused bounce around the stereo image adding to the haunting mood set by the production that helps drive the message, “The menace is back.”

"Produced by GMAJOR/LOST CITY with Beats by LEON SUAVE(SMOKENDO Records), "Menace" is an engaging and dynamic track. With songs like "Menace," TXRRXLL's modern trap sound, bolstered effects, and melodic flow is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

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