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  • Bryon Harris

TooKnow - "Just Like Dat"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Just Like Dat” is an intense jam with tons of vibe. A dense backing track sets the perfect tone for an insistent and relentless lyrical flow. Several different vocal hooks keep this song engaging while an intricately layered backing track provides depth and clarity. The catchy melodic hooks are irresistible, and the overall sound of the song creates a massive groove.

Lyrically, “Just Like Dat” is clever and confident.

“good thing I know how the magic oh, just to find out that she got some baggage oh, don’t we all I ain’t ask all that, pretty little frame I wanna smash all that.”

The wordplay is on point throughout this song that pulls no punches.

“we top of the food chain, in my brown skin sippin the deuce, it’s just something bout me she don’t know what it is.”

The feeling of these lyrics is infectious.

“Just Like Dat” will have you bobbing your head along, mesmerized by the lyrics and flow. The interesting backing track features steel pan and slick production techniques that add yet another dimension to the music. All vocal performances on this track are stellar, each style complimenting the song and officering another memorable hook. Lyrics are incisive and music is banging in this instant classic.

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About TooKnow

TooKnow strives to fully understand themselves in this evolving world through their intricate wordplay and eclectic melodies. Michael Isiah, Tony Nix, and Kristian Robert have been forging impactful sounds in Trap, Rap, and R&B since their childhood. Their limitless drive pushes them to test other genres out. The group is currently touring local high schools and colleges but their ambitions are to reach farther. Expect them to flourish within the folds of the music industry while exhibiting the power of self-development, regardless of the hand they were dealt in life.

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