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Tony Oso - 'Not Open Late'

Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

“Not Open Late” is Tony Oso’s new jamming rock single. With some 80's punk-rock influence and a little bit of pop-rock, an upbeat rockin' rhythm section commences and draws you right in. A heavy, crunchy and catchy electric guitar riff adds to the appeal.

Beginning with pop-rock drums and fun energetic electric guitar, "Not Open Late" grabs you from the start. Distorted guitar drives the nice syncopated beat as the song progresses. Tony's vocals are vibrant, edgy and expressive. He doubles the the vocals in the addictive chorus emphasizing, “I’m not open late, Not an open date.” What a great line and catch-phrase!

Towards the end, before the last chorus, a heavy metal guitar solo takes center stage adding variety and energy to the song. Tony has a Billy Idol and The Clash sound that makes him a stand-out singer and gives him distinction from the pack. He's an exceptionally skilled songwriter and multi-talented musician who has a dynamic and resolute sound. From the production to the music, Tony showcases his musical craft and artistry.

Tony’s “Not Open Late” is about a belittling experience by a girl who treated him as a side piece and didn't give him the time of day unless she was intoxicated. This song is in response to how he felt about how he was treated by this person:

“What you're preaching isn't new / Found out long ago the truth 'Bout your ways / Convenience is your game / Every instance is the same / What a shame.”

Then the chorus repeats:

“Yeah! I'm not open late, Not an open date, I'm not open late, I'm not open late.” He isn't any one’s side-dude; In fact, he's a guy with substance and it shows in his lyrics and music. Tony wants people to learn from his experience and he believes “people aren’t puppets, so we shouldn’t be treated that way!” It is entirely refreshing to hear this message from a man's perspective, and Tony's raw honesty about his experiences holds our attention and gains our respect.

“Not Open Late” is a life lesson that we must learn about worth and self-respect. Everyone should maintain their dignity and not fall victim to manipulation and false admiration. Tony’s song has an insightful message while remaining lively, with a tight rock groove that you can bop to. Tony's meaningful stories and relatable life lessons, set to contagious rock grooves and edgy vocals,l put this singer-songwriter on the map and he will go far - straight from his heart to yours.


About Tony Oso

For years, Tony Oso played guitar and bass as a solo act and in various bands opening for acts such as the Goo Goo Dolls. His talent was noticed an he was even invited to a primary audition to America's Got Talent. Throughout this time, Tony never took the next step to concentrate his energy on original music. Everything changed when Tony recently suffered a sudden onset of shoulder, neck and back injuries. It gave him the inspiration, like a light shining down on him and the push he needed to write and share his own original original music.

With his new motivation, Tony set himself to learn drums, build a studio, record and produce his own music. Having met these goals, he forged his own sound from his many influences, from the legends of classic rock to modern rock, pop and alternative.

Tony writes about his experiences and emotions, hoping to inspire his listeners with the lessons he has learned. He aims to inspire others to walk an honest path in life. He continues to release singles every month. In less than six months, Tony has been streamed 100,000+ times in over 65 countries around the world!

For more information on Tony Oso, please visit his website.

Listen on Spotify.


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