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Tom Abbott - 'Eva's Eyes'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Eva’s Eyes” is a pop/rock song by Tom Abbott. The song starts with acoustic guitar playing a hook, with drums keeping time on hi hat. Electric guitars, bass, and full drums then come in and accentuate the hook. Abbott’s strong vocals subsequently enter on the verse, and are supported by the band playing the hook along with supporting layers. Excellent arranging and production enable the song’s chorus to bloom, engaging the listener.

A second guitar is introduced on the second verse playing swells, and adds melodic interest to the arrangement. Following the second chorus is a well played guitar solo. In another instance of effective arranging, the drums lay out for the first half of the last verse, before re-entering and driving the arrangement towards the last chorus. The musicianship and production on this recording is exceptional.

Abbot was inspired to write this song after seeing a story on the news about a well known sports writer and his wife, who were expecting their first child. Unfortunately, the song’s first lyrics are “She’s not perfect, we both know. She’ll be gone before we want to let her go” and indicates that the couple found out the infant would only survive for a few minutes after birth. However, the writer’s courageous wife decided to carry the baby to term, and they ultimately donated the child’s organs to another couple’s child, thus, their “Angel found the way to change a life.”

“Eva’s Eyes” is a masterpiece of songwriting by Tom Abbott. The song’s arrangement and production help listeners connect with the intense emotion in the lyrics, and Abbott’s voice is perfect to convey this story. “Eva’s Eyes” sets a high bar in pop/rock songwriting and performance.

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About Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott is on the Board of, and an artist in Operation Encore, a Veteran Music Project. Currently a Pilot for Southwest Airlines, Tom spent 22 years as an Air Force Fighter Pilot, flying A-10s and F-16s in combat and peacetime operations all over the world.

Operation Encore, a 501(c)(3), supports Veteran singer-songwriters in honing their skills and getting their music published.

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