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Todd Barrow - 'Gonna Drive'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Gonna Drive” is exactly the type of Country anthem that gives listeners a feeling of freedom-with-a-smile. The wide-open sound of this song features persistent rhythm, slick production values, and an engaging vocal performance by Barrow. Charm is on display from every angle, with instrumental prowess supporting quality songwriting and earnest performances.

Lyrically, “Gonna Drive” is a heartfelt message of comradery and resilience. “Gonna Drive if it takes all nite one more town Gonna Drive.” This mantra of determination is a much-needed shot of inspiration in a difficult time. “American built don’t try to hold them down strong hands restless hearts country road stompin’ grounds.” Barrow’s vocals are confident and reserved, matching the song’s message perfectly.

The arrangement of “Gonna Drive” is comforting and dynamic. A strong rhythm section and an emotionally loaded harmonic progression create a beautiful backdrop for this song’s whimsical melodies. A ripping guitar solo and an ever-present uplifting vibe keep the energy high. Roll the windows down and sing along to “Gonna Drive”…an instant classic.

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About Todd Barrow A chance encounter at Cook Children’s Medical Center is all it took to set Todd Barrow on his mission to revamp classic country with his signature modern twist. One day, an American Idol contestant was slated to perform for the patients at Todd's place of employment, but the audio tech was nowhere to be found. When he heard the call, “Can anybody here run sound?” Todd answered. In walked Texas Music Hall of Fame Honoree Sonny Burgess just as Todd was setting up the live rig, and the two musicians struck up a conversation. Sonny told Todd about his work with Charlie Pride and Randy Travis, and asked Todd if he might lend his technical skills to help build the recording studio sponsored by Garth Brooks and Troy Aikman he that had in the works. This serendipitous encounter yielded a coffee meeting to review the blueprints for the project, and before long, Sonny was meeting Todd for coffee weekly to discuss music. Eventually, he became Todd’s mentor, forever changing the course of Todd’s career.

For more information about Todd Barrow, please visit his website.


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