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TL Jones - 'No Chaser'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“No Chaser” is a sporadic and buoyant hip hop track that packs a mean punch and is bristling with confidence. Unlike many modern hip-hop tracks, many of the sounds used in this song belong to the higher frequencies. As a result, the song has a much brighter vibe that is encouraging and exciting. The beat is infectious and incredibly dancy, you’re guaranteed to move around in your seat and if you’re not completely losing yourself on your feet.

Lyrically, TL Jones is bringing the heat and is taking control. More than that though she is also looking for a man to give her something that is rare to find. She’s looking for a man to be straight up and to have the guts to match her intensity and bravado. “Can you pop this cork and let all of this pressure free, or better yet twist the cap but before you do read the label carefully”. Her lyrics are drenched in confidence and they’re both inspiring and intimidating. “I’m a firecracker that likes to take control, baby do you think you can handle all of this, I know you wanna try cause I’m hard to resist, but if you gonna’ step, you better step correct”.

The arrangement crackles and pops in such exciting ways, it’s impossible to not groove out when listening. Some of the sounds are typical of hip-hop/EDM music, such as the sub bass and trap percussion, but what really brings the unique flavor is some of the string and horn-like sounds that are present in the chorus. TL Jones vocal performance smoothly bounces back and forth between rhythmic rapping and melodic singing that features a tasteful boost from the auto-tune effect. The bridge features an undeniably cool guest rapper that brings the vibe down to a more low-key space where your focus becomes honed in to the max. This bridge helps make the final chorus hit even harder as all the energy comes blasting back for one last iteration. “No Chaser” is a spritely hip hop track that will energize you with its infectious rhythms and lyrics.

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About TL Jones It all started with a book. After writing her first book and being published by a publisher she was over the moon. During her time as an author she was invited to multiple events. It was during these events that she started to connect with Artist and offer her services as a songwriter and manager. She was very successful in both capacities, so much so that she submitted music to a major label to be considered as a songwriter. She was denied saying that none of the songs that she submitted was a hit. Determined to prove them wrong, TL Jones then became an artist. To her surprise, she was welcomes with big arms. TL Jones is a single mother who writes all of her music as well as music for others. She has published four books and has over twenty five songs she has released in just a little under three years. She also been a co-host of talk shows, has had her own talk show at one point, and writes a blog. TL Jones is what you call a jack of all spades. There is nothing that she cannot do.

For more information about TL Jones, please visit her website.

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