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Tim Young - '6 Day Praise'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Timothy Isaiah Young, a native of Chicago Illinois, is a Pop-Gospel artist and multi-instrumentalist with a background in classical and urban contemporary popular music. Timothy has studied and shared the stage with artists, both locally and internationally, such as Christian McBride, Brian Culbertson, Bobbie Wylson, Marvin Winans, Frank Donaldson and many more. He has performed at a number of prestigious events such as Columbia College Chicago Open Doors Gala 2012, the John Johnson Black Heritage Commemorative Series Stamp, Reggie’s Rock Club downtown Chicago, UNICEF’s Message of Hope Gala 2012 and more. Timothy is currently working on his 1st official EP while building his fan base and performance experience. He hopes to inspire as well as change the lives of others through his music.

The syncopated rhythms and techno beats will have you moving with gratitude in the “6 Day Praise Plan” by Tim Young, the founder of Pop Gospel Speaks. The intro starts with a techno beat with a shout out to God and His glory.

Tambourine and clap machine keeps time during the chorus, as the strong reggae-style vocals have a call and response. The production is creative with call-response echoes, doubling on the vocals, and powerful three-part harmonies. Tim creatively uses his deep vocals, electronic beat tracks, and percussive instrumentation to elevate the vibe of the spirit filled song.

“6 Day Praise Plan” is a shout out of devotion to God. The song starts with Tim giving praise to God for all the good He does every day. The chorus repeats, “Find your praise,” as the beat picks up and the hype man and background vocalese become more intense. Tim iterates a verse about how he will continue to praise God each day, even on ordinary days.

“Don’t care what’s going on

God’s love is still strong

He ain’t forgot about me

He just wants to see, if I’ll praise his name

When everything feels the same

Like I said before it don’t matter to me,

So, you’ll see I’m clapping my hands.”

Tim Young’s artistry and style bring forth an exciting pop gospel music experience by incorporating non-traditional styles like reggae, techno, and rap. His production and arrangement are unconventional with techno rhythms and harmonized autotuned background vocals. The lyrics and beat are catchy and joyous. The electronic techno beats and syncopated rhythms in the “6 Day Praise Plan” will have you on your feet praising God. Offering modern gospel music for the masses, Tim Young's "6 Day Praise" will inspire you to give praise every day of the week.

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