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thisisryanjohn - “ Just a Crutch”

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Just a Crutch” is a passionate and exciting track full of sensual overtones and deep grooves. The rhythmic intensity of this song works perfectly with the simmering energy of the guitar accompaniment and vocal melody. A streamlined lead vocal sits perfectly in the mix and is supported by rich backup vocals. A catchy chorus and an engaging emotional tone draw listeners into the well-constructed world of this music.

Lyrically, “Just a Crutch” shines a light on the anxiety that comes with love and lust.

“Damn baby get a hold of me I need some attention Damn baby get a hold of me now And teach me a lesson.”

Underscored by music full of tension, these lyrics come to life.

“I must admit I still got you into my head The more I try to fight, yeah the more I regret.”

The conflicted feeling of these lyrics matches the music perfectly.

The arrangement of “Just a Crutch” is extremely effective at communicating the song’s message. The vocal production on choruses is unbelievable. The sounds on this track are broody and intense. A brilliant drum performance adds the perfect layer underneath fantastic vocal expressions. An intricate “break down bridge” sets up the final chorus perfectly. Overall, “Just a Crutch” is a grabby and addictive song.


About Ryan John

Ryan J. Clary is a musician/songwriter/producer from Boston, MA. He has been making music all of his life, fronted bands theband Vú & Driip, he is now releasing music solo under The Good in People/thisisryanjohn. On top of producing his own music he also produces for a number of indie artists, plays drums for the DisInterested Gentlemen and runs the indie label be nice records. Ryan’s goal is to make as much music as possible, and he is not slowing down.

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