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Therése Neaimé - Dance Love

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

International singing sensation, Therése Neaimé, is a Swedish-Lebanese singer-songwriter and actress who has spent a lifetime in the entertainment limelight. Therése is a sought-after performer who delivers a musical experience you won't soon forget. She has opened for Simply Red, toured the middle east, and headlined the South Africa and Copenhagen pride to mention a few milestones. Her new single, “Dance Love”, with it's contagious energy and passionate lyrics, will delight audiences worldwide.

"Dance Love" is an addictive, hook-driven, dance-pop song that transports your body and mind to a euphoric state. The song was written by Therése Neaimé, Maria Marcus and Gunnar Nordén. The multi-genre hit-sound was produced by Maria Marcus and Jon Hällgren.

"Dance Love" opens with a finger-snapping, staccato beat as a melodic guitar motif dazzles in syncopation on 2 and 4. Production effects create a backdrop of reverberant ambiance. The pristine groove is well-defined presenting EDM, pop and Latin elements that are dancefloor and radio chart ready.

Therése opens the verse singing, "Why would you call me drama, talking about some trauma, I’m just being myself." Her smooth and polished vocals provide an excellent contrast to the percussive mix. The bass enters with a deep presence before the catchy chorus literally pops off the track. You will be singing along on the uplifting lyrics. The catch-phrase, "na-na-na-na-nooow" will stick with you long after you've heard the song.

Dance love, dance forever, hold me na-na-na-na-na-nooow Dance love, dance forever, hold me na-na-na-na-na-nooow

After the first chorus, Therése Neaimé proclaims, "Dance with Me," and the track bursts wide open with a stunning rhythm section that includes Latin beats, deep moving sub-bass, and swift Latin guitar riffs that fill in the spaces. Therése's smooth and silky vocal performance is stellar as she glides above the track with the confidence of singer who has all the right moves.

Therése Neaimé's "Dance Love" is about being yourself, celebrating who you are, being in the moment, falling love and living your passion. The song's title says it all. This is a song about love that you can dance to. "Tonight we´ll be the winners. Kings and queens 'n sinners. Let´s dance those tears away."

Therése Neaimé's "Dance Love" is timeless and universals as it captures the essence of dance and love, body and soul. With it's hit hook, na-na-na-na-na- now catch-phrase, and flawless production, "Dance Love" is every DJ's dream song as it transports listener's onto the dancefloor and into a space where everyone can be who they are and dance their tears away.

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