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TheBranch - 'Frozen'

Review Reagan March & Staff

Can TheBranch be the next big name in the mainstream music industry? TheBranch's talent is quite evident through his professional sound and lyricism in his song, “Frozen”. His classic hip hop sound immediately enchants the listener as intensity builds throughout the song keeping the listener captivated. The varying dynamics of the drums in this piece along with his use of reverb is what truly makes TheBranch’s interpretation of hip hop music quite original.

Let alone the instrumental part of the piece, TheBranch’s remarkable lyricism is intriguing as the raw emotion in his voice grants the listener the want to sing along. The backing vocals echoing throughout the verses of the song add great texture to the piece and a true hip hop feel.

The message of his song is quite axiomatic through the main lyrics in the chorus,Feels like a cold breeze, when my soul speaks I try to stand and make a difference while the world bleeds Feels like there’s no peace Somebody hold me, RIGHT…...NOW…...YEA!”. It explains how society is on edge right now and very divided. His message is very relevant, especially during these times pertaining to what our world is going through, and he strives to make his want for peace amongst all very evident.

“Frozen” gives listeners a great first impression of TheBranch’s musical style. The overall sound of his song with the production details and simply his relatable lyricism creates a very full and well versed song. TheBranch’s music deserves a worthwhile listen to, as he perfectly displays the necessities of an upcoming artist in his new song.

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About TheBranch

Spiritual rap artist and songwriter, Joshua Casnave, also known as TheBranch, turned a conversation with God into a deep and profound hip hop album. Servant Songs is TheBranch’s debut album which is directly inspired by every spiritual journey that preceded it. With hit singles that include Hallelujah, Show The World, and God Wit Me, each verse of every song speaks from the heart, filled with hope and conviction to create a sound of his own unlike anything in the modern music world.

Additional inspiring tracks such as What Would Jesus Do, The Watchman, and Praise God provide a glimpse on one’s faith and how it can help anyone overcome all adversities.

“I share a lot of personal battles in this album in the attempt to reach a vast amount of people and to help inspire that hope, power, and victory spirit that is within us all.” - TheBranch

That essence of sincerity and salvation spread through every track on the album, and it has set him on a path that will only lead to a better life and eternal salvation.


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