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  • Bryon Harris

The Wildcat O'Halloran Band - 'Crunch Time'

Review by Written by Ionas Finser

The Wildcat O'Halloran has been keeping the blues alive in New England for over 30 years. They've shared stages with virtually every Blues act to tour in the region, from John Lee Hooker and Albert Collins to Greg Allman and the Stray Cats. They've served as Bo Diddley's band (also James Cotton's!), and they've won numerous band and songwriting awards....most recently garnering 10,500 votes in 2019's Ernie Ball/ Eric Clapton contest. Critically acclaimed for their innovative songwriting and the tight interplay of the Wildcat's guitar bouncing off Emily Duff's languid sax, they're hailed by Blues journalists both here and abroad.....even the Vatican's station plays the Cats! Their song "Crunch Time" is one more reason to respect this band of intelligent musicians.

A funky, groovy, expressive guitar ostinato opens “Crunch Time”, accompanied by crisp drums. As Wildcat O'Halloran’s voice comes in, the listener is treated to an expressive blast of smooth, relaxed vocals that create a kind of call-and-response feel with the rest of the mix. "When I was a boy on my daddy’s knee "My papa said “Son, won’t you take a tip from me There’s some cold calls that a man’s got to face If he wants to get down to first base."

If you aren’t nodding your head to the killer bassline, you’re singing along to O’Halloran’s catchy lyrics. The band creates a humorous narrative based on the notion that one sometimes has to take a leap of faith to get what one wants.

Combining imagery of wild party adventures with amusing fatherly anecdotes, the O’Halloran band creates a story that entices the listener to return over and over again. Whether you’re musing over memories of past adventures, or trying to create new ones, “Crunch Time” is the perfect theme song for your night. With catchy riffs, hilarious lyrics, and contagious energy, one can’t go wrong with this summer sensation.

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