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  • Bryon Harris

The Vortx - "Like Seasons"

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

Synth-laden, pop-infused instrumentals with impactful rhythms, crystalline vocals, and dense electronica textures come together to bring us "Like Seasons." A somewhat pensive yet undeniably danceable track from Australian based Singer/producer known as the Vortx.

Amidst the pulsing electronic beats, airy synth, keys, and some hollow-sounding finger snaps, an overall ambiance promotes a feeling of vastness. Tying it all together is Vortx's voice which provides ample warmth and some nice contrast to the "coldness" of the digitized instruments.

Upon first listen, the combination of danceable music with such a rich baritone reminded me of an act like Bastille.

Being that this is a pop tune disguised as electronic music, the voice and message are without a doubt the focal point. The overall message is about how life changes through the seasons. Friends can grow apart or become forgotten in the wake of life's rhythm.

The lyrics that struck me, in particular, was the line:

"All times, that we had,

lost in, portals of memories.

Every day they grow dimmer,

I know I remember, some of my friends from a kid, but it's time to move on…"

I particularly enjoy how the song builds rhythmically. Initially, I thought I knew what to expect with the driving verses. Yet, I was surprised when the refrain dropped into this massive halftime dubstep-inspired break before climbing back out in time for an upbeat and driving chorus.

In short, if emotional, pop-soaked electronic music with pristine production and strong hooks, "Like Seasons" should be on your radar.


About The Vortx

Born and Raised in Sydney Australia, The Vortx has always loved sports, their violin, music, and had a passion for designing and creating new things. Music became a perfect creative outlet combining these things.

You can connect with The Vortx and find more music by checking out their Link Tree!


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