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The Voodoo Kings - Eyes on You

Written by Dan Hoyt & Staff

“Eyes on You” is a very catchy song that will remind you what solid rock-n-roll is all about. The song begins with a guitar riff playing while the band kicks in right away. The guitar riff has that mid 60's Beatles Revolver sound. The drum interlude catches the listeners' attention leading the song into the bridge.

After the bridge, there’s a rocking guitar solo with hand claps in the background, further instilling that early Beatles influence. The song features Michael Kranicke on lead vocals and guitar, Greg Foster on guitar and vocals, Mario Pagliarulo on bass, and Ryan Elwood on drums. The lead vocals have a natural tone that is easy to connect with.

"Eyes on You" has that classic love message where the boy loves the girl and the girl just can’t seem to see that. With further investigation into the lyrics, one can find that the girl described in this story is broken inside and a little weary to trust the boy. With lines such as, “let him in too fast,” and “when he whispered all those things you had in mind now all you hear are the tears inside,” it’s easy to see that there was a past lover who caused her to be this way. The boy just wants the girl to let him love her. The song also uses counter-tone because the lyrics are a bit down because he’s trying to win the girl over; however, the music is so upbeat.

The VooDoo Kings know how to make a great rock song that is catchy and full of life. You will instantly feel at home listening to their music. "Eyes on You" is a song that anyone can relate to, dance to, and it will stick with you long after you've heard it. Listening to the Voodoo Kings will give you faith in rock 'n' roll.


About the Voodoo Kings

The essence of the Voodoo Kings can be found in one word – rock. Rock flows through their veins. They bring rock to life with the pulse of a bass line, the heartbeat of a rhythm section, and the guts of dirty guitars. The quartet members crush it on stage radio, tv, and film, time and time again bringing their live energy to every show. The single “When I See Her” off their album 'American Lights' was featured in the movie Deal, starring Burt Reynolds.

Michael Kranicke, founder of the Voodoo Kings, grew up surrounded by the greatest Chicago bluesmen via his dad’s record player. Listening to Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy taught Kranicke the blues, and later Keith Richards and Stevie Ray Vaughan taught him how to turn those blues into a rock-fueled epiphany.

Their latest release, ‘Faith & Whiskey’, is lovingly named after the two things that keep Michael fueled in the music world. From the kicking rhythm section to spirited guitar riffs and four-part Americana harmonies, the album is a celebration of the pure art of rock music. With a little bit of Beatles, a touch of Tom Petty, and some whispers from Merle Haggard, there’s something for ever rock fan to fall in love with.

The Voodoo Kings will give you a reason to fall in love with rock ‘n’ roll all over again. You can find the Voodoo Kings music available for licensing with these companies: Atrium Music, Working Brilliantly, Music Supervisor.

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