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The Vignatis - 'Silent Heroes'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Have you heard of a genre called "Gypsybilly?!" How about "Electrobilly?!" "Gypsybilly" was born when The Vignatis mixed their passion for Rockabilly and Gypsy music with their love for Jazz and Country music. Then, they added some beats and called it "Electrobilly." The Vignatis have been rockin’ their Gypsybilly style for 4 albums. Their July 2020 album, Red, White & Blue – Gypsybilly Vol. 4, is the 4th chapter of their American/European fusion of cultures combining a solid rhythm section, and even some beats, with vocals, guitar, and clarinet. ​Hot off the album is their song "Silent Heroes," a song that honors all the folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes contributing to our everyday lives and society. The timely song will surely move your body and your soul.

Beautifully performed vocal harmonies, sung a cappella, by Fabrice and Tracy Vignati open the song “Silent Heros” on The Vignatis' album Red, White, and Blue: Gypsybill Vol. 4. The bright acapella harmonies, performed with impeccable articulation and pristine tone, introduce the upcoming bluegrass and folk rhythms. Even though there are no instruments playing at this time, you can literally feel the rhythm running through the two vocalists as if invisible fingers are snapping the beat. "Silent heroes everyday, make the world go 'round. People just like you and me, never making a sound."

After the introduction, a full blast of joyful sound arrives accompanied by crisp, upbeat percussion. The arrangement is intricate, part big-band Rockabilly and part Americana, but don't get too comfortable because some jazz inspired clarinet solos are just around the corner as the singers unfold the story of silent heroes who drive busses, deliver our mail, harvest our crops and protect our country.

The song builds once the chorus comes in with banjo, violin, woodwinds, and drums. Tracy’s lush vocals and Fabrice’s rugged vocals switch back and forth creating a huge build before they come back together. The melodic clarinet solos weave their way into the mix, like a dancer, with a dazzling display of tasteful musicianship. Your foot will be tapping while your ears take in the glorious tapestry of sounds, colors and textures.

The heroes of the world don't take bows in the spotlight. They’re the essential workers and the everyday men and women who sacrifice to make our lives comfortable and safe. The Vignatis' upbeat dedication to our silent heroes is exuberant as the duo's message of thankfulness comes straight from the heart. Our heroes may not look big and strong like superman, but their hearts and souls are.

“Soldier, celebrity of the working world. Never been asked for an autograph. Fighter, treasured like a shiny pearl, The heart and soul of America .”

Artistically, The Vignatis are spunky and vibrant in their musical and lyrical delivery. In some ways, The Vignatis are like the melting pot of music as they mix Rockabilly, Americana, Jazz, Country and more to create a bright and colorful musical landscape. “Silent Heroes” is a well-deserved recognition for the hard work behind the scenes men and women do every day delivered by a group who knows what hard work is all about evidenced in the exceptional attention to detail and tight musicianship heard in their music.

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