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  • Bryon Harris

The Union of Sinners and Saints - 'One More Shot'

Review By Ionas Finser, Matt Wong & Staff

With over 13 million in album sales, 25 #1 Songs, and fifteen Grammy nominations between them, John Schlitt of Petra and Billy Smiley of WhiteHeart, the top 2 Christian Rock groups of all time, always seems to have something going on. It is that constant motion and creative diversity that has fueled their latest project, The Union of Sinners and Saints, a smashup of Petra and WhiteHeart on the road and in the studio. Their latest single, "One More Shot", is one of the best new classic-fueled rock songs of the year.

A deep, satisfying bass line opens “One More Shot” supported by heavy hitting drums. The beautiful bass alone is enough to hit the ‘save’ button on this track, but there’s more. A few bars in, we hear a syncopated, over-driven guitar pair perfectly with John Schlitt’s fierce, confident vocals. Every part of this mix is masterfully crafted, creating an irresistibly catchy song that resonates on so many levels.

The first verse is a conversation between the vocals, with interesting guitar fills sprinkled in between phrases. Following the verse, the song makes a triumphant climb that listeners will be able feel in its bridge with the guitars driving the arrangement, the drums and bass continue putting out the tight groove, and the vocals soaring over the heat.

Lyrically, The Union of Sinners and Saints hit home with their listeners, speaking to the ways in which societal norms and human weakness blind individuals from success and enlightenment. By injecting your ears with their message, the band compels you to reevaluate your life’s choices and principles.

“Some say it’s such a shame To know the truth but just not take it It’s like a race that never ends The answers’ there but you won’t listen”

“One More Shot” by The Union of Sinners and Saints is a high energy and high intensity song. The band is comprised of top notch musicians who are masters of their instruments, and collectively form a well oiled machine full of musical chemistry. In addition to fantastic musicianship, key assets for the band are songwriting powerhouses Bill Smiley and John Schlitt.

Sooner or later, you’ll wake up with a life that just sort of happened. By introducing so much heat and expression into their message, The Union of Sinners and Saints has created an alternative movement of awakening and experiential living. Listen to “One More Shot” with an open mind, and it will certainly influence you for the better.

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More information on The Union of Sinners and Saints

John Schlitt of Petra and Billy Smiley of WhiteHeart, the top 2 Christian Rock groups of all time, are The Union of Sinners and Saints. The 1st release to radio was the #1 Song Independance Day, and their new singles “Old Guys Rule” (Rock), and “Rise Up” (Pop/AC), are shooting up the charts and playing across the nation. These guys are set to perform classic #1 Songs of Petra and WhiteHeart like The Coloring Song, The River Will Flow, Just Reach Out, Desert Rose, plus new album favorites Old Guys Rule, Lone Soldier, and the #1 song Beyond Belief.

"With an intimate look at the journeys we have taken, we have so much to be thankful for and yet we are still excited to share the history, the music, and love for others, and hope to encourage the ones coming after us in their musical walks. With what is taking place in today’s world, we are excited in 2020 as we embark on a new recording, and ‘hopefully’ new touring! Truly an event for the whole family, parents can bring their kids to discover the music of their youth, and connect in new ways." - Smiley


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