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The Unfortunates - 'White Wristband'

Review Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

The Unfortunates are a high energy, alternative rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. Together with their five-piece band write and perform original songs with strong lyrical content and vocal support. Their distinctive and expressive sound packs a punch that you’re sure to remember. The Unfortunates have put out 4 albums in their ten year history and always strive to reflect the time in their lives with their original songs.

Accompanied by peaceful, textured guitar, Tanner Gordon’s wistful, melancholic voice brings you into the somber atmosphere of “White Wristband.” Throughout the song, we will be treated to heavy-hearted drums, throbbing bass-lines, and mysterious ambiance to go along with the sad, retrospective mood of the song. The Unfortunates have clearly mastered the art of the mix: nothing ever seems too much, nor too little.

Lyrically, the group takes us on a journey through a tear-jerking reflection on a protagonist whose life seems to have gone on without him. Through vivid depictions of a routine lived in the shadows of lost love, the listener gains a uniquely melancholic attachment to every well-crafted word and phrase. The lyrics end just like they begin, cementing the gorgeously depressing flavor of the song into our ears and hearts forever.

“And there's only so much A white wristband can do Cause they can't mend a heart When a love ends far too soon”

“White Wristband” serves as a vibrant ode to the emotions of sadness and longing. More than that, it can be said that everyone will find truth in the message and music of the song. Everyone is currently in some kind of isolation, longing for someone or some idea that is no more. The Unfortunates remind us that there is beauty in even the most dismal moments, and that pain serves merely as a contrast to inevitable joy.

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