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The Unfortunates – ‘First Flame From Home’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

TheUnfortunates are a five-piece, high energy, alternative rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Performing for over 10 years, with 4 albums released, TheUnfortunates original and distinctive sound packs a punch that you’re sure to remember. Their song "First Flame From Home' is featured on National Indie Radio's 'A Little Help From My Friends' Global Citizen Benefit Special. "First Flame From Home' is a great way to get to know this extraordinary band.

“First Flame From Home” draws you in with electric guitar strumming, setting up the song’s groove, another electric guitar playing drone parts with an e-bow like effect, and an acoustic guitar which doubles the rhythm guitar part. After four bars, the bass and drums enter which thickens the arrangement.

On the first verse, the vocals enter with an inviting and expressive tone, taking over melodic duties from the lead guitar. "Sang about Alaska / Laughed off Nebraska / Went anywhere but home." Listeners also get to experience a catchy lead guitar riff before the song goes into its second verse.

The buildup to the first chorus is exciting to listen to as the band maximizes their dynamic range allowing the chorus to fully bloom. The guitar riff is re-stated following the chorus, before the band suddenly drops out for the third verse which is played by just vocals and drums, and holds on to the listener’s attention.

The deliberate use of contrast from song section to song section makes the buildup back to the chorus even more impactful. An a cappella ending is well executed and gives a nice finishing touch to the song through more contrast without sounding out of place.

The lyrics in “First Flame From Home” are about the memories one misses when they are away from home. In addition, the song presents the theme that one’s loved ones are the fire that guides them back home, which is evident with the lyric “You are a fire, you are a fire. The first flame from home.”

“First Flame From Home” is another example of fantastic music making by The Unfortunates. The band takes what is already a phenomenally written song, and knocks it out of the park with A-level musicianship, a great arrangement, and an intelligent use of contrast to craft a memorable song for listeners. The talent in this band is unbelievable and not a group to snooze on.

For more information on The Unfortunates, please visit their Website.


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