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  • Bryon Harris

The Tweed - "Someone I Know"

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

The Tweed is a Moscow / LA rock duo formed in 2009 by lead singer and guitarist Greg Pekk and drummer Matt Shepard. The Tweed songs garnered the attention of several media including Niji Magazine and was highly rated by such industry professionals and musicians as Rick Krim of Sony Music, Don Griffin of Village Studios, Haydn Bendall of Abbey Road Studios and guitar monsters Steve Stevens and Pete Thorn and more. At the moment two band members are responsible for all phases of song creation (songwriting, arrangement, recording and mixing, production, release, promotion, etc.). So, TheTweed are constantly looking for a Team/Record Label ready to be involved in the creation of wonderful music.

The Tweed enraptures audiences through a unique blend of instrumentation and production that makes for an addictive sound in their song “Someone I Know.” Taking a sound reminiscent of groups like Mumfords and Sons and combining it with tinges of electronic production, Tweed has a pop sensibility to their sound that anybody can get hooked on.

Starting off, layers of reverberant vocals sing over the steady beating of a kick drum accompanied by the soft, arpeggiated picking of guitar. “Someone I Know” is all about how the feeling of falling in love can completely take you over and change you. In the verse he pours emotion into each phrase as he sings,

“Someone to love / Runs through my veins / Best for this flow Is to find a better place / Someone I know Is trying hard enough / To scatter my calm / Deep down inside”

The chorus is quick and memorable delivered with a lively performance that drives energy through the song, building with dynamic additions to the arrangement that get the soundscape to pop.

The Tweed has listeners on the edge of their seat at each section throughout “Someone I Know” with an eclectic range of influences in their sound that mold together to make something unique and unforgettable. Make sure to give the record a listen and keep up to date on The Tweed!

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