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The Songs of Songwriter Glenn Shayne Feat. AJ Lewis - 'To Be Your Man'

Review Written By Matt Wong & Staff

“To Be Your Man” is an adult contemporary song by Glenn Shayne, vocally performed by AJ Lewis. The song begins with a lovely and soulful duet between piano and saxophone, with light drums adding cymbal colors. Lewis' rich vocals come in on the first verse, and immediately captivates the listener with his gorgeous tenor voice.

The bass and drums continue to lay down a laid back beat, yet tight groove while the saxophone plays beautiful, mesmerizing lines, and the piano comps in support of the melody. Excellent dynamics give the arrangement its arc, and the song’s chord progression, in addition to the excellent musicianship effectively drives the emotion in the song.

“To Be Your Man” is a love song, and its lyrics are a perfect ode to romance. Lyrics that jump out include “I never realized what love is until you showed me exposing forever” and “In my soul, you’re the music that plays…becoming the creation who makes me whole.” Shayne’s lyrics, delivered with his Lewis's impeccable vocals, will evoke much emotion from listeners.

“To Be Your Man” is not your typical love song. Each element of the song’s arrangement, from the groove, all the way to the lush saxophone countermelodies combine to create a rich sonic palette, and frames the beautiful melody perfectly. Glenn Shayne is a songwriter with the talent to connect his listeners on a deep emotional level.

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About Glenn Shayne

Glenn Shayne is the former owner of Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge, Treasure Island, Florida. It was located at 145-107th Ave. Treasure Island, Fl. 33706. From 1983-1986 Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge was the Premier club for Live Entertainment in the Tampa Bay area. Glenn Shayne has been writing Lyrics since 1985.

Glenn Shayne has worked with many collaborators over the years including: Queen Ofir recording artist in Los Angeles, CA., of Passion Show Records, Mark Steven of the Mark Steven Band, Palm Bay, FL., Michael Betts, and Briana Tyson National Recording Artist, Nashville, TN.

Glenn Shayne has also worked with other artists in Nashville, TN and England in the UK. Currently working with Tunedly and their staff of Composers and Artists, Glenn Shayne's First Song "There She Goes" won a local songwriting contest in 1986 in the POP Category, collarborating with Michael Betts.

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About AJ Lewis

AJ Lewis is a singer Songwriter from London, England. AJ has performed in West End shows in London, all over Europe and Worldwide. Starring in shows such as 'Thriller Live', 'Soul Train', 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat', 'Dancing in the streets', 'Blues Brothers', 'Show Boat', 'Bernstein's Mass', 'Up Against the Wall', 'Porgy and Bess', 'Songs of Sister Act', and 'Jerry Springer the Opera'. He has had the honour of performing at the 'Royal Albert Hall' and 'Royal Festival Hall' in London. AJ was also part of Channel 5's Glee style all singing and dancing choir 'Don't Stop Believing - Supergroup'.

"To Be Your Man: has been picked up by Music of The Sea Publishing, Under Fast Eddie BMI.


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