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The Songs Of Songwriter Glenn Shayne – ‘All Tied Up’

Review by Matt Wong & Wong

“All Tied Up” is a pop/rock song by Glenn Shayne. The song begins with Shayne’s powerful vocals supported by two acoustic guitars, and piano, with cymbal swells adding color to the arrangement. The melody is quite rhythmic and together with the acoustic guitars, makes the listener want to move to the music. The drums come in with the chorus, and the strong groove pulls the listener in completely.

The verse introduces a cool rhythmic motif played on electronic drums which adds interest to the song’s arrangement. The bridge features a drum breakdown, with synth sounds layered in. Groove and rhythm are truly driving this song.

The song’s lyrics describe the intoxicating scent of a woman’s perfume. Shayne sings about how he’s “bound in a situation by a fixation” with a woman, and how she “detonated an atomic bomb inside [his] heart.” The title of the song alludes to how he is “tied up” by this infatuation.

“All Tied Up” is an exceptional song, and easily establishes Glenn Shayne as a powerhouse in the songwriting world. In addition to his songwriting talent, Shayne is equally gifted as a vocalist, and listeners will appreciate his strong sense of time and feel.


About Glenn Shayne

Glenn Shayne is the former owner of Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge, Treasure Island, Florida. It was located at 145-107th Ave. Treasure Island, Fl. 33706. From 1983-1986 Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge was the Premier club for Live Entertainment in the Tampa Bay area. Glenn Shayne has been writing Lyrics since 1985.

Glenn Shayne has worked with many collaborators over the years including: Queen Ofir recording artist in Los Angeles, CA., of Passion Show Records, Mark Steven of the Mark Steven Band, Palm Bay, FL., Michael Betts, and Briana Tyson National Recording Artist, Nashville, TN.

Glenn Shayne has also worked with other artists in Nashville, TN and England in the UK. Currently working with Tunedly and their staff of Composers and Artists, Glenn Shayne's First Song "There She Goes" won a local songwriting contest in 1986 in the POP Category, collarborating with Michael Betts.

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