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  • Bryon Harris

The Shrubs - 'Always Thinking'

A mesmerizing introduction filled with layers of reverb-heavy electric guitar riffs draws you into the new single, "Always Thinking," by The Shrubs. A light cymbal enters tapping the time, but don’t get too comfortable in the ambiance because in just a few more beats, the open space will be filled with hard-hitting drums, syncopated rhythm guitar and bass. Kudos to the band for maintaining a machine tight rhythm section that keeps the energy going from beginning to end.

Singer Carl nails the vocals with a voice that perfectly captures the songs vibe. He’s never too emotive which is great. His vocal style gives the song a London punk-pop-rock vibe.

"I can't go on. Telling these lies and the same old stories. I'm always wrong. Days are so long with a thousand worries. i don’t belong sitting in the same room when I’m without you. It’s just a song, don’t flatter yourself but it’s all about you. "

The song explores the thoughts that spin in our head when we attempt to resolve emotions at the end of a relationship. It's the time-period between the end and full closure.

The Shrubs have a knack for writing strong hooks. The song’s chorus is addictive making "Always Thinking" timeless. It’s the kind of chorus that feels like it always existed, so catchy that you’ll swear you've heard it on the radio and you'll be singing along after one listen.

“I m always thinking of you / I’m always thinking of you / I’m always thinking, my hopes keep on sinking / I’m always thinking of you. "

Musically the band is superb. The Shrubs are an amalgamation of rock, pop-rock, alternative-rock, and 90s-rock. Never cookie-cutter or dull, the arrangement is extremely engaging with surprising turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. The layering of electric guitar leads over the punchy rhythms will get you out of your seat. The song’s ending returns to the intro’s ambiance, taking you down from the fun intensity.

The Shrubs could easily be your next favorite band with both a familiarity and a freshness that is vital to today’s rock scene. Bringing back a dash of London punk-rock with a lot of tight rock n' roll and hooks that actually hook you, The Shrubs are less woody and more rock n' roll evergreen.


About the Shrubs

College students Spike and RJ (originally from upstate New York) met in the mid-80's and quickly gelled as jam-mates. Their mutual influences were the Police, Rush and XTC among others. Later, an acquaintance introduced Carl to the guys and the rest is history. They were soon playing at house parties, bars and local clubs. The trio went on to write, record and produce 3 albums of original music: 'Another Day Goes By...', 'One Happy Zucchin'i and 'Who's Cow's in the Hoosegow'. After a hiatus (RJ' moved to Southern California), Spike and Carl started rerecording and remixing old and new songs. Reuniting, the band has now re-recorded, remixed and remastered the song "Always Thinking."

"Always Thinking", "Keep On Runnin"," What You Do to Me" and "Another Day Goes By" have been added to the rotation on several online radio stations. "Always Thinking" has been in the top 10 songs on RadioTfsc (@Radiotfsc) for the past few weeks. The Shrubs are currently focused to updating an old song and finishing two new tunes.

For more information, please visit The Shrubs website.

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"Always Thinking" is available on all major digital outlets including Amazon and CDbaby.

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