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The Remus Tucker Band - 'Come On'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Come On” is a southern rock song by The Remus Tucker Band. The song begins with an in your face intro, featuring a guitar riff, and a driving rock groove played by the bass and drums. Remus Tucker’s high energy vocals come in on the verse, and are supported by the hard hitting groove set up in the intro.

In addition to his fiery solos after the second and last choruses, lead guitarist Tommy Williams gets to flex his chops in the interludes between each of the sections of the song form, and he can PLAY. Bassist Chris Love also gets a chance to shine after the first guitar solo, and rhythm guitarist Jimmie Clinton does a fantastic job driving the song and maintaining its energy.

Tucker was inspired by the wild ride of the road to write “Come On.” With lyrics such as “Drive all night till the rising sun” and “Smoke burning tires cuz I’m going so fast,” listeners will feel like they are in the van with the band as they travel from city to city on tour. The song gives listeners a glimpse of life as a touring musician.

“Come On” is a well written song full of energy that listeners can rock out to. Remus Tucker is an honest and talented songwriter, and he and his band mates set a high bar for musicianship in the southern rock idiom. This band is on FIRE.


About The Remus Tucker Band

Fronted by Remus Tucker, who is The Mountain Man of Rock & Country and no stranger to fun, the band's energy is contagious. Born in the backwoods of Michigan, and spending a lot of time in the South, RT is a lover of country, old time blues and southern rock and this color’s his style in many ways. The artist brings many influences to the band with a vocal style reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant and Ronnie Van Zant.

The Remus Tucker Band is a hard-hitting outlaw Southern Rock group from Denver, CO. Their music brings different worlds together: from the energy of guitar driven hard rock, the intimacy of country to the raw emotion of the blues, anything goes! This band has been around since 2012, released their first album South of New Orleans in 2013, and they have been modifying their sound and line up to present a true power group.

The Remus Tucker Band is preparing new material for an EP release in spring 2020 followed by a regional summer tour. From their first album, “South of New Orleans”, to the new single “Come On”, you might feel like you’re hitting the road on a new adventure with Remus and the boys, and perhaps that is part of the story about to unfold.

For more information on The Remus Tucker Band, please visit their website.

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