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The Movement - 'Thou Shall Not Kill'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

The Movement Feat. Reverend Willie Wiggins, Jean Clay, Dee Brown & Ebonics is a dynamic, gospel rap ensemble directed by band leader, Reverend Willie Wiggins, Jr. aka Rev. Willie J. Originally from Boston, Reverend Willie Wiggins is a spiritually gifted Man of GOD, motivational speaker, Minister at Concord Baptist Church in Milton MA, and CEO/Founder of the Strong Roots Youth Foundation. His music career spans over 30 years. He has a Masters degree in Theology / Urban-Community-Leadership from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, a BS in Psychology from UMass-Boston - BS in Business Administration from Kaplan University, and an AS in Accounting from Newbury College. Rev. Willie is the author of three books; The Last Chapter (If I Can Change, You Can Change), OG Willie J the Jack of All Trades, and Walk it Like You Talk It (The Lords Way). He is a motivational speaker, teaching and convincing youth and young adults how to overcome all obstacles in their path and improve their quality of life. With The Movement, his latest single, "Thou Shall Not Kill" has a killer track and message.

Love your neighbor, bring peace to the world, and "united we stand / divided we will fall" are a few of the meaningful themes heard in The Movement’s gospel rap “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Featuring Reverend Willie Wiggins, Jean Clay, Dee Brown, and Ebonics, the song opens with ethereal ambience as Reverend Willie Wiggins addresses the people over an erratic hi-hat and sub-bass beat. "We have to stop killing one another. We're committing genocide. We have to repay no one evil for evil." After the Reverend speaks, doubled vocals come in with a strong and smooth hook that talks about how our enemies test our freewill and "still, thou shall not kill."

The stylistic influences of 50 Cent in the rap flow, and Ludacris and Wu-Tang in the beat track are prevalent during the introduction to the second verse. The engaging arrangement has multiple layers and continues to build as the song progresses. Producer Dee Brown created a clean and cohesive mix with captivating, breathy vocals and clusters of electronic sound effects. Jean-Baptist aka. Jean Clay and Eric Davis, aka. Ebonics perform seamlessly together. Lyrically, Jean Clay and Ebonics have interlaced their styles of R & B and hip-hop vocals generating a raw battle rap style flow.

The song is about repentance and creating a better world for everyone. Many men and women get stuck in the material world, and only some try to free themselves and give their lives to God. As the song says, "I almost went left, but I took a right on y' alls way. Open up your ears and let me take you on a journey. My father is my judge, but his son is my attorney." The act of killing God's children is a sin, and there is no going back. As Jean Clay repeats the hook:

“Thou shalt not kill, by any means I’m going to live. Back to the corner, test my free will. On my knees praying help me to forgive, cause I know you said thou shalt not kill.”

The Movement are innovative gospel rap artists and musicians who have a radical and engaging sound that you won't soon forget. Keeping it real, “Thou Shall Not Kill” uses elements of gangster rap to draw young ears in, but with an inspiring gospel twist, they keep young ears tuned into GOD.

Reverend Willie Wiggins sets the tone for the song. With revival and repentance, and an affirmation of the fifth commandment from the Bible, “Thou shalt not kill,” is profound as the message of living a righteous life is magnified.

The Movement are an inspiring group of men who have created an expectational and moving gospel rap song that will resonate with todays' youth.

Strong Roots Youth Foundation


More information on The Movement:

In addition to band leader, Reverend Willie Wiggins, The Movement consists of band members:

Jean Baptist AKA Jean Clay:

Jean Clay is an inspiring rap artist from Everett, Ma seeking to bring a message of hope through his music. At the age of 17, Jean started recording music and used his talent as a form of expression. In his former days he was known as Jean Monroe. He sought after money, fame and women. As time went on he realized that those things held empty promises and can never truly satisfy. Through the storms of life, Jean found himself broken and in need of guidance and strength. In 2012 he gave his life to Jesus and has never been the same since. Jean Clay has been inspired by Jesus to share the gospel through a unique sound.

Eric Davis AKA Ebonics:

My name is Eric Davis aka (Ebonics). I was born in Boston, (Dorchester) Massachusetts.  Ever since I could remember I’ve been in love with hip hop.  From LL Cool J, Run-DMC, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Cormega, Wu-Tang, The Lox, Dipset Set, 50 and so on.  Growing up in New England we were heavily influenced by New York MC’s, the home of Hip Hop.  I’ve been rapping since 1999-2000. I was 14 when I began rapping.  Since the very 1st time I fell in love.  What encouraged me more to rap was the response of my peers, they be like E you’re the illest son.  I’ve always been humble.  I’d love the spotlight, but didn’t like hogging it.  I love to hear other mc’s then feed off their energy.  I began to take it serious when I was 17-18, and began recording with some friends.  By the time I was out of High School I was entering battles.  I’d love to battle rap as well.  Like the challenge of one on one combat with lyrics was like the ultimate high.  I became one of the nicest mc’s locally and was known in the local rap scene for performing and recording.  I recorded a number of songs with some of my best friends.  I tested my skills at 106 and park freestyle Friday. 

Dwayne Brown AKA Dee Brown: Dwayne “Dee” Brown is a music producer, engineer, and DJ out of Boston Massachusetts. He has made a name for himself over the last 17 years. He got his start in the music business in 2003 working for Boston’s number one for hip-hop and R&B Jamn’ 94.5 FM. There he hosted live events and his own show Droppin’ Knowledge. Since then he continues to produce a variety of artists in Boston and New York area, while also DJ’ing and engineering live events. Dee Brown is currently building his brand “Yah Like That.”


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