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  • Bryon Harris

The Independent Sound - 'I Feel Like I’m Missing'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“I Feel Like I’m Missing” is an intense and driving piece of music. The groove contains an infectious forward propulsion, and the melody is inviting. This music is put together very well, with subtle additions of sonic layers offering listeners a constantly evolving musical experience. The vocal melody and the guitar “hook” float nicely over a “four on the floor” groove which utilizes space wonderfully. The artistic transitions and the development of new musical sections within the overall theme is fantastic.

Lyrically, “I Feel Like I’m Missing” is complex and poetic.

“Summertime in the city always makes me feel high, Summer girls all look pretty powder blue is the sky.”

The cool vocal delivery of these lyrics makes the words impactful and significant.

“And I cannot pretend, I just feel like I’m missin’ my mother, feel like I’m missin’ my brother, feel like I’m missin’ my father always.”

The juxtaposition between verse and chorus gives this song tremendous depth.

The arrangement of “I Feel Like I’m Missing” is phenomenal. Independent Sound does a great job of keeping this music exciting from beginning to end. High end post-production techniques give a modern sheen to the music and keep listeners on a thrill ride. The syncopated guitar pattern is supported by intricate drum and synth programming while the vocal performance is highly reserved yet very intense. The dynamic build from the verse to chorus is masterfully done, while the bridge contains still new ground to explore. This music will win over listeners right away, simultaneously containing contagious introspection and intense motion. “I Feel Like I’m Missing” is a great work of art.

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About The Independent Sound The Independent Sound is a Canadian inventor, technical designer, composer, arranger, prodigious drummer and multi-instrumentalist, poet, scenographer, pattern engineer, applied mathematician, systems engineer, and autodidactic polymath. Throughout their music career, they've placed a heavy emphasis on collaboration with other artists, lending the definitive style of The Independent Sound to a diverse roster of collaborators as well as solo works.

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