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  • Bryon Harris

The High Plains Drifters - 'Santa! Bring My Girlfriend Back!

Review By Pat Joseph & Staff

“Santa! Bring my Girlfriend Back!” is simply tons of fun. With a fantastic musical build that reaches “big band” heights and lyrics that are hilariously infectious, this song is a must play for the Christmas season. Instrumental prowess and highly evolved arrangement chops are on full display. Listeners will love the way this track builds from beginning to end and delivers line after line of phenomenal orchestrations. Mallet instruments, a killer horn section, and an excellent rhythm section of guitar, piano, bass and drums all deliver the goods in this “feel good” song about a sad, sad subject.

Lyrically, “Santa! Bring my Girlfriend Back!” is that age old tale of a man who’s turned to booze because his love has left him. The High Plains Drifters offer some unique angles on this tale: “She ran off with a fat man and his reindeer He promised her she’d have eternal life With no need to turn into a vampire My girl is planning on becoming Santa’s wife.” You certainly won’t hear these lyrics on any Bing Cosby track. “She promised me we’d always be together But behind my back she planned a great escape With a fat man and his sleigh and those damn reindeer Saying “red’s my favorite color anyway!” It is precisely this kind of outside the box thinking that we will need this holiday season.

“Santa! Bring my Girlfriend Back!” is a musical force of nature. An obvious display of musical proficiency, this song is humorous and lighthearted while simultaneously being a very serious artistic statement. The mallet lines and horn runs are unbelievable, and the way the track builds to a heavy swing is impressive. Music lovers will find so many things to like about this track. A totally fresh-feeling holiday song, this is one for the whole family to enjoy.

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