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  • Bryon Harris

The High Plain Drifters - 'Marry Me Again'

Written by Reviewer Victoria Scott & Staff

The High Plain Drifters shine in the country-pop ballad “Marry Me Again.” Jiving instrumentation is instantly noticed with tight and grooving drums by Kyle Cassel, bumping bass by Dave Richards, sweet melodic keyboard by Charles Czarnecki, and a smooth and mellow acoustic guitar played by John Macom. On top of the mix is the vocal performance of Larry Studnicky, who caresses the ears with a lush tone.

The song has a beautiful message of commitment and love that married couples worldwide will relate to. It entails what it truly means to be “in it for keeps” with someone special. Producer Greg Cohen brought in a romantic, yet masculine touch to the beautiful song that a husband sings to his wife. He speaks his mind on how he loves and admires her as he tells her,

“Marry me and see what we’re meant to be, Marry me once again just for fun, Marry me again and I’ll promise then, That our love will endure like the sun.”

Larry Studnicky is a songwriter who is able to create complex emotions and make it transparent for all to hear through memorable melodies delivered with genuine expression.

The High Plain Drifter's are magnetic; their performance showcases the electric dynamic that runs like a current between them. "Marry Me Again" is the perfect song to renew your love.

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About The High Plain Drifters

The High Plains Drifters are a band of seasoned musicians that was founded in New York City by lead singer/songwriter Larry Studnicky. Their self-titled debut album was praised for its effortless merging of musical genres highlighted by feel-good rhythms, catchy melodies, and stellar musicianship that drew comparisons to the works of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Simon & Garfunkel. In the words of Celeb Secrets Country, The High Plains Drifters, with their "broad range of musical inspirations", are "the melting pot that the genre of Americana has been waiting for.


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