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  • Bryon Harris

The Hanging Trees – 'Creeping Crawling'

The Hanging Trees are a three piece rock band from Southend-on-Sea, Essex who play gothic inspired garage rock. The band is Greg Kiss on guitar and lead vocals; Andrew Moore on bass and vocals; and Liam Ambrose on drums and vocals. Their debut album, Bills of Mortality, is slated for release August 28, 2020. In advance of the album release, “Creeping Crawling” is the perfect way to introduce yourself to their killer sound and creative artistry. Greg Kiss wrote the lyrics, and the music was written by the trio.

Setting an eerie vibe, ambient distortion creeps into the background before layers of grumbling vocals enter chanting in "Creeping Crawling" by The Hanging Trees. The group chants in unison:

Creeping crawling creepy crawlies all over me, Creeping crawling creepy crawlies all over me.”

As they chant their last word, a crunchy, heavy guitar motif takes the lead accompanied by slamming drums and a tight, in-the-pocket bass line that come together for a rocking, attitudinal groove you won’t want to pull your ears from.

In the verses, Greg's strong lead vocals take on a punchy rhythmic flow, almost reminiscent of the Beastie Boy’s, but with a stronger rocking presence and melodic timbre that fans of grunge, goth and rock will love. His voice cuts through the thick groove providing contrast to the mix and background chant. Throughout the verses, he describes the dynamic of a relationship where both partners are toxic to each other. The lyric writing is chilling and vivid leaving a vivid, lasting impression with lines like "my flesh is tender...I won't taste that good."

“That’s the chance you must take, you can leave me in or eat me now half baked, The way we merge the way we breathe I plan to surge I aim to please… The wrong side of the tracks feels so right but now I’m stuck in my nightmare, My flesh is tender my skin’s so tight but I won’t taste that good or fit in your cookware,”

“Creeping Crawling” is a superbly written, grooving rock jam that is sure to get you hooked on The Hanging Trees sound. The song boasts tight, stellar musicianship that is in the pocket and in the groove, excellent vocals that cut above the mix, and engaging background vocals that make for an exciting sound. "Creeping Crawling" keeps your ears locked in and on the edge of their seat from beginning to end.

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