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  • Bryon Harris

The Connecting Dots - Night Driver

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

"Night Driver” slams right out of the gate. A “four on the floor” drum pattern and synth bass line create a cool retro groove over which this song can shine. Vocals are coy and expressive, giving a slightly dark character to the music and furthering its charm. Layers of guitar and synth create depth while explosive snare fills keep the momentum moving forward.

Lyrically, “Night Driver” is enigmatic and hypnotic. “Not going home on a Monday, Not going home on a Tuesday…Or the one before.” The “runaway” feeling of the song gives it a vulnerability and emotional stake which invests the listener. “Slow mover, all the things you never say, Slow mover, From the cradle to the grave.” This song seems to have disdain for dishonesty. Listeners will love the integrity heard in this track.

The arrangement of “Night Driver” shows brilliance and courage. The ending of the chorus is deliberately jarring. An unexpected drop-down bridge develops into a slick, understated guitar solo which becomes a final instrumental section. The outro to this song creates a fresh perspective on the overall musical statement and feels like it completes a narrative. This new dimension sheds light on the song in a unique and interesting way. “Night Driver” is full of surprises and mystery. You’ll want to listen twice!

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About The Connecting Dots

The Connecting Dots are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and the core of the band consists of singer Helena Sundstrom and guitarist Johan Borg. Despite having known each other for a long time and being involved in different musical projects during the years, it wasn't until last year (2020) the idea of doing something together came to mind.

The ten songs on debut album "Oblivious Beat" were written and recorded in a short period of time, in aim to keep some kind of spontaneity and not over-do or over-think anything. This way it really became an album of songs that fit together from start to end, rather than one or two hits surrounded by fillers...


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