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The Collective Bus - 'Fold It Back'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

The Collective Bus masterfully fuses Afro Cuban rhythms with modern pop and rock to create a sound that wakes you up, both musically and intellectually. Each member is a recent graduates of the University of Miami, Frost School of Music.  In 2019, they broke out as headliners and special guests for various National Acts playing 22 states that culminated with 2 sold out consecutive nights at the World Famous Iridium, Times Square NYC. Singer/ front-man Daniel Correa, has an impressive 4 octave range that matches his mesmerizing stage presence. Song lyrics speak to those who have struggled for a sense of truth. A great way to get acquainted with The Collective Bus is to check out their song, "Fold It Back."

The electrifying pop-rock song “Fold It Back” from the album Melodramatic, by The Collective Bus is self-ware and satirical. The arrangement uses Afro Cuban rhythms and funk synthesized instrumentation to produce a magnetic, funky, and kinetic groove that you won't soon forget.

Producers Daniel Correa and Ahmed King's use of harmonic and synthesized instruments vamp the song up, giving it a nice rebellious edge. Mixed by Jimmy Douglas and Mastered by Lurssen Mastering, the electronic pop-rock song has a tight and pristine track. Syncopated horn sections yield an old-school R & B flare into the mix that has a sound that is entirely new and impossible to pigeonhole. The song's attitudinal rhythms are contagious and the clever use of techno sound effects create a provocative musical landscape.

Frontman, Daniel Correa hits you with high energy vocals and angst-tinged lyrics. "You’ve got to run. You’ve got to run. And get out of my way. You think you’ve won. You think you’ve won. But I’m here to stay." Daniel's voice is pop-rock perfect and ready for commercial radio success as he easily differentiates his enviable tenor timbre above the busy mix. Background vocals add to the song's universal appeal. Vocal sections, at times, sound improvisational for a free-spirited sound.

"Fold It Back" tells the truth about the imbalance in society by shining a light on privilege, power and oppression. The group's clever testimonial about being born with economic privilege will have your fist pumping over the inequality in our society.

“This life we live ain’t free,

no (for free, for free)

Now I’m gonna go take it Royal Flush,

Full House, Just break it

Bets are off cause dude we made it

See Fold it back to me (to me, to me)

Fold it back to me (for free, for free).”

“Fold It Back” will hit you with its upbeat and electrifying sound effects and well-written melodies delivered over a tight and syncopated track with radio-ready vocals. The Collective Bus sing to their truth. They’re able to use funk, pop-rock, techno sound effects, and satire to convey a powerful message about the imbalance of economic privilege. The Collective Bus creates unconventional and dynamic music that showcases their authenticity through a sound that is as engaging as their memorable message and tight performance.

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