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  • Bryon Harris

The Artist ElJay - 'Rubber Bands'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

ElJay Williams Jr. (Born December 18th, 1983), aka El-Jay or The Artist ElJay, is an American singer, song-writer, writer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and actor. Born the son of Veronica M. Ashley and El-Jay Williams Sr., The Artist ElJay is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. Loyal to his roots, he draws from his experiences giving fans, worldwide, music they can relate to. In late 2018, The Artist ElJay created his first full EP titled Melody.. His latest release is the hot new EP, Champion.

The Artist ElJay leaves a lasting impression with his modern, melody driven hip-hop sound in his song “Rubber Bands.” The track opens with a wavy, glossy synth arpeggio loop that slowly pans and fades out. The sound is instantly infectious. The catch-line "rubba bands, rubba rubba bands" is as good as a hook gets.

Fading back in, the arpeggios jump up an octave making room for the drop of a crunchy synth bass that builds the intensity. After this brief intro, the drums enter laying down a beat that instantly gets your head bobbing as deepened vocals enter for the ultra-catchy hook rapping:

“Rubba bands / Rubba Rubba bands / Too much cash Can’t hold it in my hands / Bulge too fat / Cant fit it in my pants / Rubba bands gimme Rubba bands.”

From this moment, The Artist ElJay has his listeners fully captivated. His performance is dynamic, and he sizzles. Capitalizing on the mesmerizing vocal line, ElJay switches over to his smooth melodic vocals to showcase his distinct and flexible flow. Singing boastful bars, ElJay exudes confidence, asserting what's fact vs. what's fantasy.

“I ain’t gotta brag / just stating facts / It’s your fantasy To live like that / Everything I need / I have and more Even butlers wait / Outside my door.”

From killer bars, melodic flows, a contagious hook, and a top-notch beat from Grammy nominated producer Jo Blaq, The Artist ElJay's "Rubber Bands" is a chart-worthy hit.

For more information on Artist ElJay, please visit Reverbnation.

Connect with The Artist ElJay on Facebook or @TheArtistEljay on all social media sites.


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