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  • Bryon Harris

Terry Blade - "Elixir"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Elixir” is a sensual and delicate R&B track mixed with Hip-Hop style electronic percussion. This is the kind of song that is deeply inspired by the intense sensation of lust, and this feeling is reflected throughout the arrangement. The whispering style vocals and the smooth performances of the instruments all suggest a seductive atmosphere. The production is really on point here, choosing to focus on a minimalistic approach with a heavy focus on the vocals.

Lyrically, Terry Blade is singing about attraction and passionate lovemaking. His lyrics are filled with innuendo, but all of it tasteful and well written. The imagery created by his lyrics is very creative and it helps the listener understand what he is feeling.

“Mine on yours, and yours on mine, we spill what pours, can’t tell where I end and you begin, at our cores.”

The lyrics bring a beautiful sense of connection to love-making, showing how it can be so much more than just a night of fun.

“I bind your flesh, I bind your blood, I bind your soul.”

The instrumentation of “Elixir” is primarily vocals and a thick and heavy beat. Filling out the mid-range is a spacious and ethereal synth pad that is subtle but very atmospheric. The piano is used as an embellishment to the soundscape in a way that is atypical of the instrument’s tendencies.

Terry Blade’s voice is deep, with a warm and smooth sound like honey. Building up to the chorus, Terry laces his melodies with subtle harmony, embellishing the record with sensuality. Once the chorus hits, he takes this feeling to the next level with multiple layers of vocal harmony highlighting his rich falsetto.

Terry Blade allows listeners to experience what it may be like to consume an elixir of love conveyed through his compelling vocal performance of "Elixir."

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About Terry Blade

Terry Blade is a singer-songwriter. A multi-genre artist, his musical work is grounded in his experience as a black queer-identifying artist. He was born and raised in Washington, DC, and resides in Chicago, IL. Since his 2020 debut, he has won more than 40 music and film awards for his music, including Clouzine Magazine's "Best Folk Song" award for Mr. Robertson. Terry's music was featured and highlighted by Country Queer, Adobe and Teardrops, Thisis50, Yellow & Black, SwanoDown, Tinnitist, and Baron Mag. On February 5, 2021, Terry premiered his 19-track epic debut album, American Descendant of Slavery, The Album, to critical acclaim. The album won the Gold Award for Original Music in an Audio Production at the 15th Annual 2021 AVA Digital Awards. The Archives of African American Music & Culture has included the album on its "February 2021 Black Music Releases of Note."

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