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  • Bryon Harris

Tepoe Nash - Summer Time

Written by Brandon Watts and Staff

A multi-Instrumentalist in multi-genres, Tepoe Nash forges his own creative style in music. Tepoe has been influenced by many styles, and this is reflected in his original music, where he creates a style all his own. He started on guitar but found a passion for drums early on, and since then has expanded his experimentation into many other instruments. Most of Tepoe’s music compositions are self-recorded and produced in his home studio. Currently, Tepoe has released his rocking single "Summer Time."

Tepoe Nash’s “Summer Time” is a high-octane, rock n’ roll powerhouse that embodies the frustrations of being in lock-down during the summer. The song begins with a gradual build up, opening with the sound of heavy, distorted electric guitar. As the guitars begin to layer, the drums lead in with a killer fill queuing for the lead guitar to rip up a speedy solo making for a stellar introduction to the song.

Throughout the verses, Tepoe showcases his classic, rocking vocal timbre as he trades off phrases with the lead guitar, at first, staying in his lower register then jumping up an octave to really let loose over the track making for a perfect transition into the chorus as he sings,

“It’s a summer, soaking up the sun / ice cold drinks having us some fun / In the summer, playing in the pool / toes in the sand, beachball with no rules”

Accompanied by light background harmonies and a steady rocking groove, the hook surely has a feel that will positively stick with you. With multiple off-the-rails guitar solos, this track is perfect for anyone looking for a way to rock and reclaim their summer.

For more information on Tepoe Nash, please visit his website.

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