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Tanner Gordon - 'Start Again'

Review by Abby Kenna

“Start Again” opens with an acoustic guitar equipped for a campfire sing-along – perfectly ringing out with warmth – until a full-bodied bass plods along and invites the rest of the band to the track. The arrangement is blissfully uncluttered, letting the poignant chord progression speak for itself. Gordon’s vocals layer in, emotional but assured, delivering the lyrics with the same tonality as advice from a dear friend:

“There will come a time and place

With a familiar face

I won’t be yours… I won’t be mine.”

Colorful harmonies echo deliberately over particular lines, highlighting key moments of lyrical or musical importance. “Start Again” considers the challenges and blessings of time, and how your life can ebb and flow through the years. Everything is subject to change, and Tanner Gordon walks us through the bittersweet acceptance of that fact.

“There will come a time to forgive

Will you give me my life to live?”

The end of “Start Again” emulates the song’s message without the use of lyrics. A twinkling, arpeggiating synth softly steps into the spotlight, offering a little gleam of hope at the end of a sentimental journey. Working in tandem with the bright guitars, the synth feels like an ode to early 2000s indie rock icons such as Death Cab for Cutie or Guster. The synth swells to a crescendo, lingering in focus for a moment before fading out, like the final credits reel finishing out a coming-of-age movie.

“Start Again” is a conversation starter for yourself – a song that makes you sit back and think about the good times, the regrets, and everything in between. Tanner Gordon masterfully crafts a musical landscape to deliver his message, bound to leave listeners lost in thought.


About Tanner Gordon Tanner is bringing it all back to where it started. The new album features Tanner’s signature melancholy lyrics and brooding acoustic undertones. At the same time “Start Again” pushes Tanner to new depths vocally, lyrically, musically and stylistically. Pushing new boundaries and challenging the listener to think of their own memories and how time shapes who we are. Since his debut album in 2008 , Tanner has gone on to perform over 250 shows across Canada. Tanner has been the frontman of “The Unfortunates” since 2009, releasing 4 albums, completed a National Tour, and in 2020 winning “W.A.M Album Of The Year” and in 2022 his song "Start Again" was named to the "World National Indie Radio's Best Songs of the Year"

Song meaning if you want to share with reviewer: In 2017 Tanner wrote a letter of goodbye to music, to everything. In the next five years with the help of friends and family he picked himself back up and found real peace in his life and music. In 2001, Tanner recorded that letter he wrote to music, hoping that it could reach someone who felt the same way he did in that let them know they are never alone.

Any other information you would like Reviewer to know:: Tanner started writing original songs at the age of 14, playing for anyone that would listen at , campfires, coffee shops, legions and at school. He continued writing and performing his original songs with The Unfortunates but felt the need to play songs that didn't necessarily fit the bands songs...thus his cd Start Again.

For more information on Tanner Gordon, please visit his website.


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